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    Modi is like Bhisma of Mahabharath. Do you agree?

    Modi is like Bhisma of Mahabharath.
    Modi is also a bachelor like Bhisma.(though married)
    Modi and Bhishma have the same white beard
    Modi is faithful to RSS while Bhisma was faithful to Kauravas
    Bhisma had obtained the boon that he cannot be killed unless he wishes to be killed.
    Similarly, Modi cannot be defeated unless he wants to be defeated.

    @ In one of the today's newspaper, I saw Modi holding a beautiful bow presented by Karnataka BJP leaders. That reminded me to compare Modi with Bhisma.

    Hope you all would agree with me.
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    An interesting comparison by the author. We have many characters in our mythology who can be compared with the present top personalities and Bhisma is one such character having so many virtues like boldness, standing to his convictions, faithful to his people and things like that.

    Still I have a feeling that Mr Modi is too young to be compared with that great warrior. Right now Mr Modi is more and less working like Arjuna and is focussed in his objective of getting rid of terrorist and bad elements from this country and make it a kingdom where all religions live with equal rights and brotherhood. He is not only determined to achieve that but he is having a vision as how to bring that glory back to our country.

    Mr Modi is a man of actions and is working like a real fighter yearning for a utopian Indian kingdom.

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    Good. The author tried to explain the similarities between Bhishma and Modi. I feel we should say Mr Advani is the Bhishma Pithamaha. This Bhishma (Advani) completed his active life and not taking an active role in party or government. He can be compared to Bhishma on Ampasayya ( Bed made with arrows by Arjuna). Bhishma never was in the team of Duryodhana to take decisions. His voice was never cared for by Duryodhana. So I think Modi is not the Bhishma Pithamaha.

    I agree that he can be compared to Arjuna. Arjuna played an important and main role in getting the victory for Pandavas with the help of Lord Krishna. Now coming to BJP the main person is Modi and he is the main man to get voted from the public. So comparing him with Arjuna is much better. I don't know whether we can compare Amit Shah to Krishna, as Amit is the chariot for Modi.

    Modi is the main man in BJP and he has to see that BJP will win elections. So I will say he is the Arjuna of BJP these days.

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    I do not agree with this comparison. In politics, anything can happen so it is not correct to say that Modi cannot be defeated unless he wishes so. Both of them have white beards and this is the only similarity. Modi is not only faithful to RSS but a lot many. At times we love to compare important characters of public life with that of a mythological character and I appreciate the author for trying this here.

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    Dr. Rao,
    Is Advani a bachelor? No.
    Has Advani a white beard with a strong six-pack body? No.
    Then how do you compare him with Bhishma?

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    Mahabharata is a mythological epic and the characters in it have their distinctive roles as per the story conceived by the author or story presented by him. These epics are related to our culture and ancient time and we sometimes see the reflection of our present leaders or famous people in them.

    We can not make a one to one comparison in such cases but yes, some similar attributes can be found common between them encouraging us to compare them.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Any public figure would have some if not all qualities of past legends and mythological character. It's human nature to compare a honest man to Sathya Harischandra, a scheming person to Shakuni etc. Here, in Mr.Modi, we have a senior statesman and leader who is leading a party and the government in power.

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    I am not talking about the appearances or physique. I am talking about the qualities and the age factor. Modi is a present generation politician. But Advani is previous generation politician. Bhishma sat in the Kingdom of Duryodhana as an adviser even though he is more powerful. Same is the case with Advani also. He is a simple MP in the Parliament when Modi is the PM even though Advani deserves a better position. This is the comparison in my mind when I thought about comparing both of them.

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    Dr. Rao,
    In no way, Mr. Advani cannot match Bhisma of Mahabharatha both physically an mentally or otherwise. The only match is - Advani went in a chariot(Rath) like the Bhisma of Mahabharath.

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    There is absolutely no comparison within the two but still if someone intended to go ahead with such calculations than its there interest & perceptions & the ability to interpret with the personalities & circumstances.

    Again, I don't know about why the RSS is being compared to Kauravas (Modi is faithful to RSS while Bhisma was faithful to Kauravas).

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    Ved Prakash Anand,
    Modi is purely a RSS man brought up and nurtured by RSS. This is an undeniable fact to believe. He is more faithful to RSS. Since Bhisma had no RSS, but lived in the den of Kauravas, he was faithful to Kauravas than Pandavas.

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    As for now PM Modi is look like Abhimanyu to me . Sarrounded by all the oppostitions together in only one motive. Let us see if he can change the fate of Mahabharata unlike Abhimanyu or will rewrite another chapter of Mahabharata. Time will tell us.

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    I appreciate Anjana for the comparison. It is true today Modi is singled out by all other parties and their leaders. But I hope there will not be any Syndhava who will stop the Pandavas who want to help Modi now. The main reason for the death of Abhimanyu is the four Pandavas except Arjuna were stopped by Syndhava at the entrance of the Padmavyham as he got a boon from Shiva that on a single day he can stop Pandavas except Arjuna. He utilised that boon on that day. So I pray that there should not be any Syhndhava in the opposition parties who can separate all important leaders in BJP from Modi. If there is no such person the victory will be for Modi only.
    Definitely, the Abhimanyu of the present day will definitely rewrite the history and he will prove himself as a successful Abhimanyu.

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    I like Anjana's wit. Modi may not be Abhimanyu but his son Parikshit who was given life by Krishna after the infant in the womb of Uthira was killed by Aswatama's Brahmastra. No one has seen him. Why not he be Modi!

    Really it is a Chakravyug (Circular screen) formed by the opposition parties to defeat Modi. I think Modi will enter and return safely unhurt. There is no Karna or Sakuni in the opposition camp.

    Mr. Rao,
    It was not Padmavyug where Abhimanyu entered and got killed as he did not know the escape route. It was the Chakravyug which was protected by Jayadhran(Husband of Thuchalay the only sister of Kauravas) at the entrance. He was blessed by Shiva for a day's victory over anybody and everybody.

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