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    How to be popular among friends?

    I have observed that some people are very popular in the friend circle. Everyone asks about them. Where is he? When will he come? Is he not well? and questions like that. His absence is felt by everyone.

    I was just pondering what is that in their behaviour or personality that they are liked by the people so much. The gathering seems to be hollow and void without them. They are the key persons in the group.

    What in your opinion are the characteristics and attributes of such people. How are they different from the common ones?

    Can you please share your opinion on this?
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    Yes. It is true. In a gathering, some people will always stand out and will get special attention.
    There are many reasons for that. He may be a handsome guy or he may be a good orator and speaks well or he may be in service always to the people around him. He may be a very rich person and try to spend money always from his pocket. These qualities will give him a special attraction.
    Some people in the gathering will be very active and they will be moving from one place to the other meeting all there and talking to them. This will give a lot of exposure to him in the gathering. Some people feel shy and don't move freely. They will not be noticed by all. So they will not get good attention.
    One of my relatives always helps others by serving people. Whenever there is a function he will attend and help the host by assisting him and helping him wherever required. So for any function, if he is missing everybody will inquire about him.

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    It depends on some of the naturally bestowed unique qualities that someone is missed if he doesn't appear around in a particular gathering or party. A person with the ability to lure people is always missed by friends, nears and dears. Not everyone possesses those qualities. Such a person gets special attention from everyone and his presence to give the best opinion is accepted by almost everyone around.
    A person not having some unique qualities that can attract others can never woo people. So, I think based on some special qualities a person is able to make the mark in the society and is missed by one and all, if not present in a particular gathering or party.

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    Very few people have that outstanding qualities that people will like them and even adore them.

    Such people are worthy of making friends and we should try to be in their company as it helps in positive devlopment in us also.

    Being popular in the society is not an easy thing. It requires patience, helping attitude and positive approach.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Among a group of friends, there would be one or two who have many things going right for themselves and such people ooze positive energy and vibes. It is good to be in the company of such individuals. Some people have good contacts, funds and are useful in social circles.

    Apart from this, there are some truly gifted people, people who are simple and would do anything to help their friends without expecting anything in return. People who always enquire about the welfare of others, always have a word of good advise, always lend a shoulder to lean on or to cry on. These are true friends and such people would be constantly in the thoughts of others.

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    There are a few things that others like and if one possesses those things she/he becomes popular among her/his friends' circle. During my school days, we had one such friend who used to crack wonderful jokes and could make people laugh at any situation. He was always a crowd puller because of this special nature and everybody used to ask about him if he remained absent in any gathering. There are people who are very caring or maintain a particular style statement that resembles a great personality. They emit a kind of positivity and others gain some confidence by staying by their side. A person becomes popular because of certain attributes which are not easily found among the rest and I would say it's not so easy to become popular if someone doesn't possess those special characteristics.

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