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    Where exactly do you find the best Phanjabi Dhaba outfits?

    Whenever I had been to parts of Northern or Western India, the local boys would take me to some good dhaba serving very good Punjabi food. Though they would sometimes also serve non-veg food, which I had never eaten in my life, they would carefully tell the fellow to prepare only good veg food. Panner butter masala and the palak paneer were very good foods indeed. We never get to eat that kind of stuff in any place in South India.

    Be that as it may, can someone tell me where exactly the best such outfits are found? A group of young fellows are going on a bike trip to most parts of North India in late June and would like to know. Is it true that some dhabas have a residential facility where one can also stay at night, after paying some nominal amount? In particular, they would like to know some good joints on the Vizag to Kolkatta route and the Raipur to Ranchi route.

    Members who know about these outfits may please do give their opinion and information, please.
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    This type of Dhabas are available almost all the places in India. Mainly on the highways, you will find many such hotels. The roti and other curries they make will be tasty. When we have gone tour generally we will stop near good Dhaba and we will have our food. While travelling based on the time and the place we are going to eat, it is better to enquire there itself instead of searching for the hotels we want. We will be losing time in this pursuit. I have travelled extensively in the areas mentioned. But I never found any Dhabas with facility for staying. There are many Dhabas in the route mentioned by you.
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    Generally, all Punjabi Dhabas provide tasty and delicious dishes, may it be vegetarian or nonvegetarian. Dhabas are spread around India from north to south and east to west. I have tasted good Dhabha food in Meerut and Amritsar. We need not hesitate to visit a Punjabi Dhaba that we sight anywhere.

    @ Please ensure that the Dhaba is run by a Sikh wearing a turban, and speaking Punjabi.

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    Dhabas particularly Punjabi Dhabas can easily be identified on all N.H and they are meant to satisfy you with the sumptuous meals having the taste of Punjabi - outfits. The owner of the Dhabas are aware of the art of attracting the customers and hence they religiously follow different norms to woo the customers. The routs remain bussy with the heavy traffics such as Buses, Trucks and Cars etc and they would prefer a halt in order to get their lunch or dinner having Punjabi - flavours. The owner of such Dhabas are polite, well versed in conversation and well mannered to attract the customers. Once you taste their Panir tikka or Butter - masala, you will be the fan of such servings. A little care of the customers can swell up their earnings manifold within a couple of years. Hence money is not the issue prided you identify the locality of Bussiness and have the common - sense to please your customers at least with your pleasant behaviour.

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    There are many groups that do some serious bike riding and long distance travelling. These would be well planned and as far as the eating and accommodation is concerned, only people who are familiar with the place or into biking would know. Often, you would end up with general information. If you need good info, it is better to check popular sites and blogs asking specific questions and you get more relevant answers.

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    Punjabi Dhabas are very common and popular in our country. Most of them will be on the highways across the country. Their food is typical Indian and a lot of oil and spices make it delicious and tasty.

    I have seen some of them near the towns slightly outside away from the hustle and bustle of the town or city. They will have old types of cots or benches and tables where the customer can sit cosily and leisurely. One of the most important item prepared in these Dhabas is Dal Makhani (dal prepared and seasoned in butter) which is very famous and always available there. Other common items are various types of Parothas which have different flavour and taste.

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    I have one experience of Punjabi Dhaba while going from Delhi to Dehradun in a taxi. There are many eating joints on the way but we were only interested in having some delicious Dhaba items. The driver knew some places and stopped at a Dhaba where we had a lot of choice of items and we really relished the crisp and hot tandoori roti and paneer vegetable. They gave us plenty of onion salad also which added to the taste of the food. After the food we had a glass of lassi which was equally delicious.
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