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    What 's going on in Didi's land?

    Some reports are saying that the BJP is gaining a lot in West Bengal. In the South, the great Mamtha has got a big opinion that she is the Jayalalitha of West Bengal. She seems to have lost some sheen now.

    What is the ground situation now? Will she win most of the seats or the Modi gang win some seats? Am no admirer of Modi, whom I feel has done nothing on increasing jobs in the economy. All that he has done is increase the contract jobs which is just not the way to go forward to enable the economy to get back to good shape.

    We do not get accurate reports. Can anyone in the know of things, please explain as to what is going on? Can didi pose a big challenge to the Modi gang?
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    Let me first go into some details. I first heard Mamata's name just before 1984 Lok Sabha election, when she became a Congress candidate in Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency (where our family used to live and still lives) against formidable Somnath Chatterjee of CPI(M). The CPI(M) supporters used to ridicule her before the election, but when the result was declared, the ridicule changed into disbelief. Mamata defeated Somnath! In that election, 16 Congress candidates won (out of total 42 seats). Among these 16 Congress MPs of 1984, only Mamata Banerjee has survived politically till now.

    I have watched her political progress with great interest, She fought like a tigress against the misrule of Left Front in West Bengal. She fought almost single-handedly against the formidable left parties and their innumerable umbrella organizations. She built Trinamool Congress (now Trinamool) truly from the 'trinamool' (grassroots).

    But many avid political watchers (including myself) understood even by 2004 (after the end of Vajpai era) that Mamata Banerjee is a very poor administrator. Her performance as MoS in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and as Minister of Railways is not worth mentioning. She didn't do anything for her own state as Central Minister. Her whimsical resignations as Ministers did not prove anything great about her.

    But the irreparable damage caused by Mamata to the Nano project at Singur was really terrible! Whatever little hope Bengal had in respect of industrial growth, was finished by Mamata by her terrible, harmful movement with the help of Naxals and Muslims. But the irony is that her anti-Tata and anti-industry movement was one of the main factors of her coming to power in West Bengal.

    As a very poor administrator, she has failed to control the lumpen elements of her party after coming to power in the state. She could not resist corruption. She could not control her addiction to power. The law and order situation of the state is terrible. The Bangladesh border is almost open, and, now, instead of refugees, Muslim fundamentalists and criminals are entering the state from the neighbouring country. In a nutshell, West Bengal is moving downward very fast in all respect.

    The huge majority which Mamata enjoys at every level in West Bengal is misleading. This is not due to her popularity. This electoral majority is due to her party's election management and extreme violence. The opposition leaders have been misled by her huge majority. They think that Mamata is immensely popular and so she is being informally treated as the leader of 'Mahagathbandhan'. Mamata herself is nurturing the dream of being the Prime Minister.

    But Mamata does not have the quality, capability and sense of responsibility to assume the leadership role of the opposition parties. Although she has been dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister after the 2019 election, she is going to have a rude shock in West Bengal itself. She would win the majority of 42 seats of the state, but BJP would definitely make a significant dent in the state in term of seats and in terms of votes.

    The farewell of this once-promising political leader is imminent and 2019 Lok Sabha election would start her downfall.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Mamata is a politician with a lot of desire to become the PM of the country. She is trying to come closer to like-minded parties and trying to get their support.
    Recently my relation who stays in Calcutta met me and I had a discussion with him on the same matter. He was mentioning to me that WB condition is not very encouraging and there are no development activities. The State government is going as per its wish. Many people are unhappy with her and he also opined that this time BJP may get minimum 40 to 59% of the seats from the state. He also said that TMC is losing its ground and BJP is picking up

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    Didi is most vociferous against Modi and thinks she can do some magic this time. She has tried to unite the entire opposition and organized a grand rally of the opposition parties at the beginning of this year. As Mr Partha in his reply @ # 662512 has already described in details about the activities of Mamata Banerjee led TMC government in WB still it will be hard for the BJP to gain some significant grounds in this election. The TMC is exactly following the left misrule, against which she tirelessly fought and came to power, and her own partymen will become the reason for TMCs downfall in the near future. There is no development and everywhere you will find politics in this state. If we look into the results of the Panchayat elections in the state, it will be seen that a large number of seats were won by the ruling TMC uncontested. Opposition candidates couldn't file their nomination because of the terror tactics of the ruling party. We witnessed the same situation during the later part of the left front rule.

    How long a party can keep the opposition terrorised? Maybe they can follow these tactics in a couple of elections but in the long run, they will be voted out of power. Already there is a dissenting voice among some of the popular leaders of TMC and a few of them have switched over to BJP just before the elections. Though I would say those leaders are power hungry and can go to any level to get a ticket to contest elections. The expectations of people with which the TMC stormed to power remained unfulfilled and there is erosion in its support base. Though this time it will not be more BJP and fewer TMC MPs from West Bengal, undoubtedly there will be some gains for the BJP this time around.


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    At the position of CM, a person has to be a bit humble and cooperative towards the Govt in the centre. That will fetch him more respect and honour in the state. CM can do a lot of things for the development of the state and there are many CMs in our country who are doing it. They only fight with the centre when they do not get sufficient fund.

    Unfortunately, Didi could not take advantage of this opportunity given to her by the public. She would had been in a very comfortable and advantageous position if she would had concentrated for the development of the state rather than fighting with others with a lot of anger.

    Didi has still got a great connection with the common people in West Bengal and she will get more seats definitely as compared to the BJP.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Didi is having a good hold on her voters and she knows how to impress the local masses. She can be a bit angry and eruptive at times but still she is the leader of the people in the state.

    BJP is also trying to make space for itself in WB but the election results will only tell the final fate.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mamata Didi is a power-thirsty lady than welfare oriented. She is a selfish lady who want to be in power doing nothing to the public or the state or the country. She has the ability to come to power, but very poor in her administration. She had spent her initial days happily as CM, but will be very difficult to continue forever. People lost their faith in her as she failed to cooperate with the center. Her party may not get sufficient MP seats, and BJP will make it. Really, the downfall started for Didiji.
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