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    What are the right ways to earn money from Internet without investment?

    What are the right ways to earn money from Internet without investment? As we know blogging is the one option but nowadays its being outdated and vlogging is replacing blogging. What are the other ways where we can get new interesting ways to earn money by using our knowledge and expertise.

    Youtube is number one in vlogging works and earning.
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    Digital marketing is picking up these days like anything. This is a very good way of earning money. All transactions are going online. So you can get anything and everything online and you need not go anywhere for marketing. You can do everything by sitting at your house. Even vegetables also are available on sight.
    For this Digital marketing, many people require people with certification or diploma in Digital Marketing. So you can try doing that. So I advise you to do a good course in Digital marketing and try as a freelancer that business. It will be a very good place for you. Based on the quality of your work and the time you devote to this online your earnings will be there.

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    Three years before, I was very much interested to know the answer to this particular question. But now I am not interested.
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    The right way is obviously not to fall in the trap. There are a lot of websites that advertise to pay you a good amount if you register with them. They will entice you with copies of paycheques through which many people think that they have landed in the right place. Beware of those sites. I would say blogging is not outdated but there is fierce competition and you will find many bloggers finding it hard to earn some bucks.

    Podcasting is something new that you can try and as long as there is less competition you can earn something from there. If you are a good writer you may think of content writing, you can think of affiliate marketing also though there is a little investment in the beginning because you need your own website for that. Whatever you do, be cautious. Do not initiate a transaction with fictitious websites.


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    Internet is a place where there are many earning opportunities but the renumeration is going down day by day. The reason is very simple. The number of workers is far higher than the jobs available online. Right from housewives to retired persons, everyone is contributing here.

    Most of these sites are sharing the revenue through Google Adsense which is giving quite a low rates as compared to initial golden internet period.

    Earlier, many survey sites were also paying good amount (2 to 5 dollars) for each survey of 20 to 30 minutes. Now they are paying 0.5 dollars for that.

    Many sites have stopped new registration for writers or workers. They say right now that they are full of workforce members and can not take the new persons.

    So frankly speaking the situation is not very conducive for earning quick money. One can go to the reputed sites like hubpages and wordpress and see the quality of articles and other material there and can find out that how much competition is there in this area. Some people are earning nicely but the quality of their contribution and also the quantity is tremendous and for reaching that level the mediocre writers will have to do a lot of hard work and efforts.

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    I also feel that it is not easy to earn significantly in the internet. It takes a lot of time to work in the sites and the returns are not commensurate with the efforts.

    If one has time and can do a variety of creative activities then may be one can make some money as part time but it will not be suffice for a livelihood.

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    Around 10 years back I also used to ask the same questions from the people but never got the right answer for the same. I searched lots of sites but never ever able to earn as per the expectations. I remember there was a site bubblews from where I earned a lot but suddenly that site vanished as they went in loss and many of the people could not get the money from the site even after reaching the threshold. Similarly there are many sites which pay but they pay very little and you may not be able get money equivalent to the hard work you do on them.

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    It is not that easy to earn money through the internet with investment or without investment. There are many web sites that try to lure you by attractive ads. But in fact, they are not. Blogging and vlogging won't help you much.

    If you are a good writer, spare your time to write good articles for ISC that will fetch you a good return for your efforts put in.

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