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    Why this is happening

    Today I have seen the title of a forum thread posted by SUN "Chidambaram Praises Modi with GDP growth to implement NYAY by Congress.". I have seen this in the Forum Index. Then I wanted to open it and click on that. The thread is not opening but some message is coming saying that the content is not available on the site. All other threads are opening. But only this thread is not getting opened. I tried many times and the same way it is happening. what may be the reason. When there is a link there should be a matter also on the link. Did any other member notice this?
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    I have read the thread just now and have not faced any issue with the thread. I would request you to look into it again and if you face the same problem refresh the browser and re-login to ISC.

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    I have just now again opened it. It is showing the same error. Today afternoon actually there is a problem in the site. This problem happened when I was typing my reply to that. Probably because of that, it is not getting opened.
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    I think ISC had a server problem today. Even I struggled for few hours to get into ISC. It was showing some error number. Now it is Okay.
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    Yes, I also suffered. After writing a letter to my mother, when I tried to post it (on ISC), I failed to do so for at least two hours. Then suddenly I got connected. Only then, I posted my letter.
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