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    Have you heard of these kinds of simple remedies?

    A friend of mine has two sons. One fellow is into sales and keeps on touring. He would have to stay in lodges in many cities and skin infections like the jockey itch are so common. The other fellow, a student also developed a fungal infection. Both the guys took to creams and some costly tablets prescribed by some dermatologists. It was just then that another guy sent me a youtube video.

    In Tamil, the video had a traditional Siddha ( a form of ancient medicine practiced in Tamil Nadu) practitioner casually waving his hand to indicate that the customer in the audience had to just take a small handful of henna leaves ( the designs that we see often see in the sleeveless arms of women and sometimes men too, all over are reportedly based on this) and boil that in water for over twenty minutes. 100 ml of water would have to become 50ml. The essence of henna leaves would have dissolved very much in the water. Cool the water and then mix it with very little quantity of honey. Apply the henna mix in very small quantities in the affected portions where there is the fungal infection. The itching sensation and whatever fungal infection will be gone in two days he said.

    Well, it was gone in less than two days. The itching was gone and the black spots were also reduced over a period of some ten days. Have members heard or experienced such cures? Guess what? The expenditure was less than one hundred rupees. The allopathy thing that did not work out, cost each guy at least four hundred rupees.
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    Yes. There are many such remedies from the kitchen for many diseases. For dry skin, we use many creams and lotions. In fact, every day if we apply coconut oil to the skin, there will not be any itching or dryness. The skin will be very smooth and shining. It is my personal experience and in our house, we use this regularly.
    Similarly, if we boil some black pepper powder in the water and filter it and drink the liquid cold and cough will get cured permanently and very fast. Like this garlic is also having many medicinal used. We can get many useful tips like this if we study Ayurvedic books and even on the internet you can get them on google search.

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    There are some remedies which are available around us either in our kitchen or garden or as some plant in the jungle or nearby park.

    The problem is we are not aware of the things and even do not want to learn these home remedies. Everyone feels it easy to go to the allopathic doctor and have some quick relief from the ailment.

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    There are many such home remedies to cure diseases. There is something known as Thirikadukam, a combination of three ingredients viz Sukku(dry ginger)Milagu(Pepper) and thippili(I don't know the English equivalent). It is a good medicine to cure headache, and many other ailments.

    A story to tell:
    Once a woman came with her son to my Uncle who is a native doctor. She said that her son was suffering from severe stomach pain. My uncle asked, "What did he eat? She said, "He ate too much Ghee in the morning." My uncle said, "Okay. Please bring some atta and try to prepare Chappati." She brought atta and was ready. My uncle asked her son to lay down flat with stomach up. He did it. My uncle placed a banana leaf over his stomach. He asked the lady to make hot chappathi and place it on the banana leaf. He did it repeatedly with many hot chappathis. After few minutes, the boy said that his stomach pain had vanished.

    Have you seen the wonderful treatment for stomach pain? I hope you understood the logic behind this peculiar treatment.

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    Yes, there are many useful yet simple Grandma tales or traditional vaidya's remedies. Turmeric for cuts and abrasions, boiling betel leaves and ginger for cough and cold etc. These natural remedies should be passed down and given a try as long as we can trust the source.

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