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    An old, intolerant India

    1. A 75-year old Man killed by the supporters of DMK-Congress because he was a Modi fan.

    2. A BJP leader has been shot dead in Odisha.

    3. Some MNS workers in Mumbai have assaulted a man for criticizing Raj Thackeray on Facebook.

    4. Some Congress workers have stabbed BJP supporters in Assam.

    5. At least three BJP supporters have been brutally killed in West Bengal.

    6. Similar incidents happened in Kerala also.

    But these incidents are not brought in the discussion table (or is dissecting table) of discussion on intolerance? Why? Is it because of all these incidents are quite natural in intolerant India?
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    Intolerance will come into picture when some other party people suffered in the hands of BJP members. Also when other religion people suffer in the hands of Hindus. Otherwise, there is no intolerance. A BJP member suffering or a Hindu suffering is never taken into account and no leader will talk about those incidents or no channel will bring them to the limelight. That is the fate of a Hindu in our country.
    There are many incidents like what the author mentioned in the post. But nobody will get information about those incidents. The newspaper also will publish in a small corner in the district edition. Now senior leader will fly from Delhi to Hyderabad to say sorry to the family of the deceased
    The Telangana CM, KCR, in a public meeting openly criticised Hindus with very bad words. But no action is taken by EC. Very unfortunate.

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    It is really unfortunate that such incidents are not given adequate coverage by the media.

    Media is only interested in spicy and anti-establishment news and the audience also likes it.

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    It's a shame that people have to give up lives for unworthy reasons. In Dec 2018, a JD(s) worker was murdered in Anekal taluk, Karnataka. In Feb 2019, two congress workers were killed in Kasaragod.

    These and what the thread has listed are not a true reflection of our vibrant country, India. These events are the unfortunate result of greed, political vendetta and personal/party motives. Common Indian people do not have the time; many fear of reprisal on them and their families, if they try to intervene or question these politically motivated killings.

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    Dr. Rao has stated: "The Telangana CM, KCR, in a public meeting openly criticised Hindus with very bad words. But no action is taken by EC. "---------------Why should someone wait for ECI? The election is very near. The Hindu voters must teach KCR a lesson through ballot boxes so that he never dares to insult Hindus in future. These politicians dare to ridicule Hinduism only because they know that Hindus bother more about the caste and not about their religion. This impression is required to be changed by the Hindus themselves.
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    What is said by the author in this thread is one-sided. Why single out the killings of workers of a particular political party or its alliance? Political violence is widespread everywhere and workers of every party are attacked by their opposition in a particular state or locality. Everybody has turned greedy and hungry for power. Why we have to focus on the conflicts based on religions? Why this type of fanaticism? Every politician is making us fools and trying to divide the country. On one hand, we will feel proud to declare that we are secular and follow a perfectly democratic process and on the other, we will say since some Muslims attacked a particular community let the Hindus jointly take revenge. Why can't we, the people of this country, stop this peculiar mentality? Why we are indulging the politicians everywhere to carry out their ulterior motives? Unless we stop us, this intolerance will increase everywhere. Only we can change this if we stand united.

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    Yes, what the author has stated in this thread is one-sided. This is simply because the agenda-driven media-houses never bother to mention these killings. How many time has Ananda Bazar Patrika (for example) mentioned about the killing of BJP workers in Purulia and Medinipur of West Bengal, and how many time has it shouted about the death of Akhlaq or Bundu Khan outside Bengal?
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    This being the case because of the selective coverages on behalf of the media houses & by the political parties but since few times as we are evident of growing followers of Hinduism like that of whole Gandhi family along with the leaders of other political parties as well the trends seems to have shifted a lot.

    The credit for this whole goes to the Loksabha election of 2019!!!

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    In most of the cases it is selective coverage by media, but in overall scenario, there seems to be decline in the acceptance of difference in opinions in the society, which unfortunately takes color of religion, caste, region etc.
    In a true democracy, there should be an environment for healthy debates to take place. Today we do not witness this and if somebody has a difference of opinion is branded as anti national, appeasement, secular etc. Unfortunately even the parties which say democracy should thrive, do not encourage healthy conversations within their own party leadership. I am sure that there would be leaders in BJP who would have a different view of various decisions which the government has taken, but can not speak because of so called party stand and same applies to other political parties as well. In a diverse country like India, there are bound to be contradictions as well difference of opinions, but this should not lead to intolerance to the extent of killing supporters of other view / ideology.

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