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    Posting article for the first time

    I posted a response to a thread and got 1 point but i didn't get any points yet for posting an article about ross island. why?
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    Your article will be reviewed by the editors and approve. Then only you will get the points and CC. If the editors feel any corrections are required they may inform you for correcting those issues and after that only you will be given points and CC. It will take normally 7 to 10 days.
    For a thread response, you will get immediately points but there will not be any CC normally. If it is really worth and if the editors feel so they may give very rarely CC also in the forum posts and responses.
    As you are a new member you have these doubts. Go through help topics and many of your doubts will get clarified.

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    I will suggest you to go through the approved articles in ISC and then compare your articles with them.

    ISC is a place where people learn writing and improve it and start working in other reputed global sites. There are testimonials of members to that matter. So, take this opportunity to learn and things will automatically be in right path soon.

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    When you are doing something for the first time there is always an excitement. I hope you are aware that ISC is a moderated site and every post of yours is reviewed by the editor to check whether it is following the posting guidelines. If it violates any guidelines, points will be deducted and the post may get deleted too. In the case of forum posts, you will get points instantaneously, but as long as the article is not reviewed by the editors no points or CC will be awarded.

    As mentioned by Dr Rao in his reply @ # 662541, it will take around 7 to 10 days to approve an article and by this time please go through the posting guidelines and help topics along with article writing tips. This is a wonderful site to learn as well as earn. Be patient, follow the posts in various sections. Many of your doubts will be cleared just by following them and reading the help topics.


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    Welcome to this knowledge sharing and educational site. You can learn the process and procedures here by visiting the help section but there are some basic things which you might like to know about ISC which will help you in a smooth sailing here.

    There are many sections here corresponding to forum, Ask Expert, job posting, articles, information update like school and college postings etc. Every section is unique in itself and has its own point and cc system. In the beginning let us not bother much about the methodology of allotting points and/or cc to a particular contribution. This will be clear when you contribute regularly. For example in the article section if the article is of poor quality or copied content, it will be rejected. Sometimes editors may suggest to improve it with more material and structured presentation. In case the article is approved you can get anything from '10 points and 10 cc' to '100 points and 100 cc' and even more.

    Similarly in Ask Expert section for an approved answer you can get anything from '1 point plus 1 cc' to '15 points and 15 cc' or may be more if the answer is of outstanding quality.

    In forum section, generally you get points only from 1 point to 5 points. In addition to these section wise payments there are a number of contests held every month and awards declared and if you win in them you get some good credits in the range '40 points and 40 cc' to '500 cc'. If you are in the top 20 contributing members you can get a revenue share bonus also for a particular month ranging from approximately 150 cc to 1500 cc or more depending upon the volume of your contributions. Remember all these points and cc will go on cumulating and in the end of the month you will be intimated through a common post by editor if you have the requisite balance qualifying for a payment.

    Normally, we advise the new members to concentrate in contributing in different sections and maintain the quality of the submissions and slowly the things will be in order.

    Wish you all the best in your creative journey in ISC.

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    Welcome to this Website. After spending some time, you will come to know that articles require the approval of the editorial team which takes some time (around seven days). If the article written by you is approved, the points credit and cash credit for the article will be indicated.
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    Your article is not reviewed by the editor so far. It takes 7-10 days to review an article. Once the editor will review your article, he will approve it and after that, you will get points and cash credit accordingly. If the article needs some changes, the editor will hold it on pending mode, and you will be notified through an alert to do the correction. After your correction, the editor will again review your article and approve it. So, please wait for some days.
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