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    Why BJP government asking CJI ignore the leaked documents as evidence and close the case

    BJP government asked the CJI to ignore the leaked documents as evidence and close the review petition filed on Rafale case. But the CJI strongly denied and rubbished the government's claim of previlege. There is no law which prevents the Hindu to publish the documents and the court to look into the documents .CJI declared unanimous support to press. Ranjan Gogoi told asking previlege over the Rafale documents was an excercise in utter futility.The court will review the case on the basis of the documents available. When every citizen were able to know about the documents why to stop the evidence to use in the review asked the court?
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    "There is no law which prevents the Hindu to publish the documents ....."-------------OMG! The author has forgotten the Official Secrets Act!

    "CJI declared unanimous support to press. Ranjan Gogoi told asking previlege over the Rafale documents was an excercise in utter futility"------------What does it mean?

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    Why worry? The case is in the apex court and the law will take its own course. The citizens of this country are tired of allegations and counter allegations. The Supreme Court is the highest authority in the country to uphold the constitution and they will act only within the framework of the constitution. The CJI is not here to learn laws from any citizen or politician rather it is his job to find out who is not following the law. When there is a case filed in any court both sides will argue in their own defence which is quite natural. It is the job of the judges to find out who has done wrong and announce punishment accordingly. There is no point in singling out the BJP in this case and question its motive on some arguments.

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    Here can have the details of the news:-

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    In the court, the alleging party and the defending party both will give their own points but court will take a view which is aligned with the constitutional and directive principles. So, there is no question of allowing or disallowing of the views of the contenders by the court. Courts have their own way of working and they do not take cognisance of our views. That is the way courts should function and they are functioning.
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    The Supreme Court while listening to the arguments of the Government in the Rafael deal case made the Attorney General read Section 22, Section 24 and Section 8(2) of the Right to Information Act. Section 22 of the RTI Act declared the RTI to have an "overriding effect" over the Official Secret Act. Section 24 of RTI makes it compulsory for even the security and intelligence organizations to disclose information on corruption and human rights violations. Section 8(2) makes the government disclose information if the public interest in disclosure outweighs the harm to protected interests. Whatever the author has quoted is correct. Justice K.M. Joseph and Justice S.K. Kaul made the above comments while hearing the Rafael deal case.
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    There is nothing wrong in dealing with the Rafale case. BJP should not worry if they had not done anything wrong. Only a thief who has the stolen item in his bag will worry much about the police investigation. The court proceedings should go on as someone has filed a case against the government. The probe should start as to how the photocopies of the highly secret document were taken out from a most secure Defence Ministry. The person who got it should be booked and dealt with. The Hindu should first publish the fact and tell who he/she/they are. Then the court should probe the nature of the document whether it is genuine or bogus. If there was a real scandal, the culprit should be booked whether it is PM or RM or Secretary or peon.
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    Let the law take its own course. The culprits should be fined. Now the matter is in the court. All the parties will argue as per their knowledge and convenience. Finally, the court will take the decision after seeing and verifying the documents and listing all the arguments. We need not worry about this. We, the Indians are got habituated to hear many this kind of allegations and it is not for the first time.
    We are really tired of hearing about this case. Day in and Day out, the Congress party is talking about this case onlly. Probably they are not able to find any other issue to talk against Modi and his government. It is good if it is the only case and there are no other cases against. Let us not worry about this. The Supreme Court is the highest body for Justice in India. we should not discuss the cases which are pending in the court.

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