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    Tuition for kids is being today's Education trends.

    Tuition for kids is being today's Education trends. Most of the teachers suggest for tution instead of giving good education at school and colleges. If kids coming for tution then good treatment otherwise problem.

    Do you think tuition should be ban for all over India and there should be big penalty on teachers who are giving pressures to student to take admission for tuition. Please give your views on this matter.
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    Earlier there was no tuition system but slowly the education system had turned to commercialisation and in that spree the tuition/ coaching/ tutorials and other things sprouted here and there. Now it has emerged as a giant activity deep rooted in the society. There are so many institutions who in the name of coaching, doing tuition only. A large number of people are engaged in these activities. Any regulation will be adverse to this industry. Govt will have to think twice before bringing a regulation in this regard.
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    I think it is an unnecessary burden on kids that after going to school they have to attend the coaching centres. It is not needed. Parents can guide children at home after returning from schools. There was a time when we hardly find any coaching centres but now across the length and breadth of the country, we have coaching centres like medical clinics or signals on roads. Putting the burden on tender souls and sending them to coaching centres when it is not required is an unfortunate thing and we should try to avoid it as much as possible.
    Let children grow in free atmosphere without imposing much pressure on them.

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    These days many of the pairs that are wife and husband are working and they have to leave their house early and come late. So they don't have time to spare for the education of their children. But they want their children to get higher degrees and earn only. They are ready to spend money on their education. As they are not able to spare time to monitor their progress they depend more on tuition teachers where the attention will be more and additional care will be taken to teach.
    But in that pursuit, the children are getting pressurised and not able to have a little free time also to play with other children. They are completely forced to be with books 24 X 7. That is causing a lot of inconvenience to the children and they are suffering. It is wise not to insist on them too much and understand the calibre and capacity of the children and expect in proportion to that. They should also have some free time to spend.

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    I agree with Dr Rao regarding the time commitments which parents have to devote for studies of their children. In addition to the time commitment, the other key reason is falling standards of teaching in majority of the schools (private and government). The students do not get the basics and concepts, are hence struggle in future.
    The focus of tuitions is also to get more marks in the examination.
    We see young professionals struggle to apply what they have learnt as a part of education curriculum due to this reason.

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    Yes, I agree with you that tuition becomes a trend for today. But I don't agree that teacher pressurizes to do so. A good teacher never pressurizes the kid for tuition. He always tries to find the problem of the kids and always try to find the solution for the same.

    Today there is a competition between parents and not between the students. The parents pressurize the students to study hard and pressurize them to be an engineer or doctor.

    If a teacher pressurizes a student for the tuition, he is not a teacher in my opinion. If the parents provide proper time for the students, the students do not need any tuition. But parents do not have time for their kids. Parents are ready to spend money instead of spend time with children.

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    In today's world tuitions have become a must for many Indian school children. There are various reasons and answering the questions, neither can we ban tuitions, nor can we penalize the teachers. Both are impossible because of the big supply and demand equation.

    I think we the society as a whole are to be blamed for the culture of extra tuitions.

    From the student's viewpoint, the workload is too much and the competition is stiff, hence many students need the extra boost to perform better. There are too many distractions with gadgets and the internet.

    For the teacher's viewpoint, gone are the days wherein it was a noble task to take on the underperforming students and bringing them to the first class level. The focus is now more on the well-performing ones so that the school can boast of 100%, centum and ranks, etc.

    From the parent's viewpoint, many do not have time to look after their children's educations, at times the syllabus is so high that we parents have to refer to google for our own understanding. For some, it's a simple concept of having spent so much on premier schools, why not spend a little more on tuitions to ensure good marks.

    For the economics viewpoint, tuitions are a lucrative business model for many teachers, graduates, homemakers, etc. So, in a nutshell, tuitions are here to stay and set to prosper rather than curtailed.

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    In such a competitive world tuition has become essential for the kids. In schools when there is vast syllabus and many kids in the class a teacher cannot focus on all the students and also the kids feel shy to ask the teacher again the topic if he or she doesn't understand.

    I remember in our time we never took tuition ever may be we used to rely on self study principle which these days kids don't follow. I am not in a favour to ban it but I recommend that if parents have time and qualified they should teach their kids themselves and should not depend on the tutor.

    In an urge to score good marks in the exams parents hire tutor for their kids. But that's fallacy as we make our kids dependent on them and in the way they don't study themselves. I don't like to have a tutor at least for the primary classes where parents can teach their kids.


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    In India, education has become a business. Earlier, teaching was a noble profession and now it's very lucrative. If you can become popular among the students, there's no looking back. I remember one teacher who used to teach us Biology, told us that nowadays students do not go to the teachers to understand. They go to the teacher to score good marks. Therefore, the teachers or the tutorials where the method of scoring good marks is taught will have a lot of students.

    I agree the syllabus is large. But do the students remember all the things that are in the syllabus after they are promoted to the new class? They memorize those just to score marks and in most of the cases, you will find them forgetting things that were taught earlier. The trend is applicable not only to school students but students studying professional courses like engineering too. Many of them are scoring high but during the interview, they fumble. There is no point to make the syllabus huge just to increase the competition. Learning things is not any kind of competition which must be understood by the teachers, parents and educationists who are responsible for framing the syllabus. As long as this remains a competition, there will be a business to get more marks.


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    Yes its true all students can not study well without tuition but problem is there that some teacher not teaching well in school to get student for tution for money earning purpose. I think tuition should not be there instead of tuition there should be extra class concept from school to discuss and solve problem which students not able to understand during regular class.
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    Tuition - activity has multiplied with the times especially due to shift in the attitudes of the teachers. The earlier trend being followed in most of the teachers in the schools was to wie out the fearness of the students with the subjects being taught. It was their duty to motivate, encourage and provide all supports so as to learn the basics of the subjects. There was no pressure from their side to ask any student for tuition.
    With the rapid mushrooming of tuition activities, even the teachers following certain principles also chose this line for becoming rich in a short time. Once the business in that direction flourishes, they would be tempted to have more money by providing tuition to more students and this cycle continues without having any break in between.

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    Santosh Kumar Singh
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