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    Are we becoming an intolerant nation?

    Even a casual observer of the Indian political scenario will observe that there is a gradual decline in the values of tolerance and respect for political opponents. The situation was very bad in Tamil Nadu, even ten years ago. Even when out of power, the imperialistic Jayalalitha, now no more, would call her opponent by name in a derogatory manner. It was another story that she was the most corrupted politicians of all times.

    One did observe that the situation was far better in other States. However, recent trends indicate something very unfortunate. The reference to Rajiv Gandhi as "Pappu" is very sad. The "chowkidar" tag is also, unfortunately, being made fun of. Are we not able to tolerate dissent in any form? Are we yet to come out of our deep slumber as it were? Or are we witnessing trends with more social implications?
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    Politics is an arena where allegations, calling names and offending statements are very common. Only thing is some people do it in a polished and graceful manners while others use rough and unparliamentary language.

    Unfortunately in a democratic system the freedom of exercising many fundamental rights sometimes makes a person to cross the boundaries of etiquette and manners and this creates a chain of allegations and counter allegations. This sometimes appears as the intolerance of the people to each other.

    This may appear as a dirty game but when it starts it spreads like an avalanche and engulfs the whole system under its pangs. The gullible public has no option except observing these things in the social media or TV channels.

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    In a democratic set up people have liberty to talk and react to anything whether it is required or not. This sometimes brings in the tolerance factor.

    When something happens people react to it very aggressively and lose control on their language and reactions. I remember a few years back some people started returning their awards like Padmashri etc to protest against the intolerance. I could not understand the relation between the two.

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    Corruption is a part and parcel of the lives of the Political leaders these days. Very rarely we will find people without any corruption cases. The Telangana Chief Minister is seeing that the majority of contracts will go to his kith and kin. He will be getting % of the contract values. Like this everywhere corruption is there. So Politics has become a business. Where business is there intolerance will come and persist there. Today what we are witnessing is the same. Earlier days people used to come to politics for serving the nation as well as the people. But these days majority of politicians are coming to the field for making money only. Politicians can earn more money if they are in power. So there will be a tough fight always for power and to get that they will go down to any level. This is the order of the day.
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    The 2nd para needs one correction wherein instead of Rahul Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi has been used.

    What I do feel personally is that nothing is unfortunate or irrelevant in today's Indian politics but what being are presented to us is what is being on demand by the majority of us and if we start responding to them for their inappropriate conducts with the most appropriate ways than this will all get sorted out.

    But the problem is that many of the terms like the intolerance & other circumstantial expressions & languages are dearly accepted by us because of a simple reason that this suites our purposes & ideologies.

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    Yes, we are becoming intolerant. This intolerance is reflected everywhere from our daily lives to the battlefield of elections. Just think of the behaviour of people in a public place, be it in a government office or airport, if there is a slight delay to carry out a particular task. There are many people who will not hesitate to rough up the persons managing the tasks and it is evident everywhere.

    Yes, politicians are corrupt so are many people working in different offices. Think of the police personnel or the clerk maintaining some important files in a government office. There are instances where nothing will move unless you pay tips to them. This attitude of others made the general public intolerant in some way. Politicians are showing us the way and we are just following them.


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    People of India are quite tolerant. But the politicians of our Country are making them intolerant. Politicians are playing with the minds of people and exploiting their sentiments and weaknesses. We should not get lured by such politicians. We need to make proper judgments by ourselves and elect a right candidate.

    Every citizen is looking for progress of our Country. Instead of complaining about others let us do our duty honestly.

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    Not only the politicians but the general public are showing the intolerant behavior which was not the case before. It is so inappropriate and injudcious to see this behavior in our people in the country.

    People today have lost the courage to forgive the mistakes or even wrongdoer are repeating their mistakes deliberately to hurt others. Irrational behavior from people has taken the front seat in our society and people can behave anyway without thinking for a second what I am going is right or wrong. We have lost moral values and none thinks it as mandatory to inculcate values in ourselves to behave properly and stop being intolerant.

    We are fed up with our leaders, too. The way they use their language is intolerant, pitiful and inappropriate. Leaders today try to score more and more using uncivilized and irrational language. Even female leaders are not spared, such is the condition of our country. When our leaders become intolerant, people hang their heads in shame. This is wretched that we are a largest democracy but producing only intolerant, inappropriate and infelicitous leaders who don't have mercy on each other to show some dignity and civilization.

    We are not only a largest democracy but a civilized society; we should behave well and stop being intolerant!

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    Yes, it is true. Till a few years back we used to respect and see with great honour Mahatma Gandhiji, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel like independence warriors. No one in the country like to talk about them in a negative way. But now few political parties creating and developing bad image about them in the society at present. Some parties talking about Sabkesath and secularism asking votes on the basis of religion, caste etc. Political parties bringing discussions in the society to which religion they give tickets and to which religion they don't give tickets. Some people siding a political party and closing their eyes saying and seeing' Sabkesath' is a reality. It appears like Jaundice patient seeing the whole world as yellow. For votes political parties bringing social engineering and calling that as secularism. So all the political parties, politicians and their supporters becoming so much intolerant.

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    One more thread on an intolerant nation? I think based on the way politicians behave, we cannot come to such a conclusion. We still have people of different faiths living side by side. We still have people putting up with hardships, a wide gap between rich and poor, etc.

    Yes, certainly noble politicians who maintain the dignity and decorum are a rare commodity. Nowadays portraying your opponent in bad taste is common and even more common is personal remarks, comments on their families, etc. Maybe we the people are unable to comprehend the changing face of Indian politics.

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