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    What is the worst thing about love?

    Are there some downsides to being in love? Suppose one were to lose it? How do you look at the whole concept of love is the topic of this interesting discussion.

    The two people who are in love feel that they are in heaven. When you are in love, it is very difficult to think practically or logically. This is one of the worst thing happening in love. You are constantly scared to lose your loved one. One of the downsides of love that ends with the timing is to be afraid that what will happen if you lose this person. You cannot concentrate on studying or work. When you are spending your whole time either with your loved one or talking to them on the phone or thinking about them. As a result, your studies or work are affected. Being in love can be very emotional. You begin to overact on small things and the entire experience can be quite stressful.
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    I have thought about this particular issue many a time. Love causes tremendous waste of time, money and energy. These are really bad. But, the worst thing is wastage of time, because time never returns.
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    It is said that love is a divine feeling. When two people are in love then nothing else matters.

    If we try to do the anatomy of love then we find that it could be either an affection type of bond in between or simply a physical attraction.

    If it is affection type of thing then it is more to plutonic side and if it is physical then it is more to infatuation side. One can find about ones love as which category to it belongs.

    The first category may sustain for a longer time but the second category is nothing more than lust and will not survive for long and will bring in the usual complications associated with such type of infatuation.

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    Love will never demand your time. If you are really loving a person you want to help him/her and see that he/she will be successful. There the importance is being given to the well being of the opposite person. But if it is a premature love or if it is a physical attraction only, it will be for a limited time and there the people will not bother about the opposite persons well being. Many girls are being deceived by boys for their money in the name of love.
    To avoid these problems only in olden days people are used to getting married at an early age. But these days marriages are getting delayed and more love affairs and love stories are happening.
    It is never advisable to waste time on love during school days and education days. That will spoil life. Once you completed your education and settled in your life with a job then you can think of that.

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    Love is essential in life. Love is temporary happiness. In Tamil, we call it as 'Sitrinbam'( Minijoy). The mini joy (temporary one for the time being)comes with the activation of all the five senses.
    Each sense gives a mini joy. For e.g. We can smell a Jasmine, but cannot eat it. The mini joy is a pleasure to a single sense(nose). We get a sweet dish. It smells good and also we can eat. The joy is for two senses(nose and mouth).
    Love is the only mini joy that gives pleasure to all the five senses. We look, speak, smell, hear and touch during the love. It is superior among the mini joys.

    However, the worst thing about love is the fear that we experience before making love, looking at each other, talking to each other and touching each other, moving together etc.

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    The worst thing about love is the separation of the two. Or losing the love and aftermath are so scary. Love is tender feeling, it binds together the two souls and upholds their faith on each other. It is that nacter of sw3etness which one sucks for lasting relief. Love provides the courage to face what seems difficult to face. The longing of two, the feelings of happiness, care, and compassion is what is transformed into love. When one is chained in love it is difficult to cut those chains and set himself free. When love is engrossed in one's viens, it is difficult t stop those vibrating feeling of love.
    Those who love knows the feeling of love and how it feels to lose one's love which is the worst thing about love. So, care you love !

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    I would say there is nothing bad or anything worst when people are in love. Love cannot hurt us in any way and everyone needs love and affection. What hurts is separation. As long as you are in love with another person the feeling is wonderful. The problem starts if the relationship breaks. The wastage of time as mentioned by the author happens when two people are falling in love for the first time. Both remain excited and do not want to lose each other. That's the reason many young couples are found excessively concerned about one another which undoubtedly hampers regular activities. It goes away with maturity when both tend to feel that there is something more in real life other than only love. I would say if there is anything worse in love, that is a forceful separation effected by the parents or relatives between the two.

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    Love is a feeling of togetherness and comfort between two persons. It will be there till a pleasant and happy stage is there. It requires mutual faith, understanding and sacrifice also.

    If the cohesiveness of love is lost due to any reason the painfull phase starts and people start to think that they can not live together and that is the worst thing that can happen in love.

    So maintaining the sustained love is not so easy as it requires patience and sacrifice from both the sides. I remember the short story by O. Henry where the husband sells his watch to buy a comb set for dressing the hairs for her wife and wife sells her hairs to buy a chain for the watch of her husband.

    That shows the devotion they had for each other. That is the love.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    True love is a sacred feeling which is neither harmful nor a bad experience. The nature of people is problematic. One big problem is when people who are in love become possessive. Love must teach us to set free and not control the person whom you love.

    Thus, when a person in love becomes extremely possessive, then he/she is always keeping a watch upon the lover. Such type of person feels that he/she is mine, but no, it's not true. As a lover, one can be his/her, but the person has different relationships too which he/she needs to carry on properly. So, in the name of love if we become possessive, then it is the worst thing about love.


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    There's nothing like the worst thing about love. I say this because, most of the issues cropping out of love ( be it two people planning to get married, the love of parents towards their children and vice-versa, the love for freedom and peace, etc) is basically because of two reasons. One, failure to differentiate between reality and an ideal situation, two, having high expectations.

    In an ideal situation, two people who fall in love and get married should live their lives joyfully and happily ever after. But, this is not reality, in the real world, the bond of love is tested by constraints of time, family pressures, money, social circumstances, and individual priorities. The commonest downside is a big letdown and heartache.

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    The worst of love is 'Failure of Love'. It should not happen to anyone. It is cruel punishment to the human. I remember a Tamil song that portrays the feelings of a person who suffered due to Love failure.

    Kadavul Manithanaaga Pirakka Vendum (God should take birth as a man)
    Avan Kaathalithu Vethanaiyul Vaazha Vendum(He should love and live in pain )
    Avanai Azhaithu Vandhu ( Bring Him here)
    Aasaiyil Mithakka vittu ( make him float in love)
    Aadada Aadu enral ( and ask him to dance for love)
    Paduvaan, Thudithiduvaan Pattathe Pothumenban (He will suffer and say that's enough)
    Ethanai Penn Padaithaan (He created many women )
    Ellorkkum Kann Padaithaan (He created eyes for all)
    Athanai Kanngalilum (In all their eyes)
    Aasai Enum Visham Koduthaan (In all their eyes, he coated poison called Love)

    What a lovely song!

    No life without Sun

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