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    Points for answers in forums

    My points for answers in forum discussions is not reflecting, why?
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    Your question is not very clear. Where they are not reflecting? When you log in to the site on the top of the page you will find your id. You click on that. A list will drop down. In that list, you click on the Dash Board. Your Dashboard will open. There it will show you your point. If it is not showing, on the same page just below this information you will find Recalculate my points and Recalculate my CC. Once you click on that the total points you have will reflect there. Try this. All the best to you
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    Your score board reflects, 2 forum posts (2 points) and 2 forum responses(4 points). The points will reflect in your daily total, yesterday and weekly totals that you can check under my points after you log in. Sometimes points are deducted if the response is irrelevant or a repetition of the previous replies. In order to improve the forum points, when you raise a thread or post a reply, I suggest you write 1-2 paragraphs at least. Along with this, if the content is relevant then you can score 5 points each in the forum.

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    If your answer is too short then there would be 0 points for your answer. Let see your answer. Is it very short and not describe properly. The points for an answer in the forum section is auto-generated. After reviewing the answer the editor can change the points and can also award cash credit.
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    You need to be more descriptive to get higher points in the forums. Just a line cannot earn you points. Here in the forum section you can score maximum 5 points which is autogenerated and if the responses doesn't add to the topic it may be reduced by the editor when randomly checked. So it's advisable to be more descriptive.

    Also go to the dashboard and recalculate your points and earnings there.


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