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    Words repeated like a parrot like politician

    It is about NYAY and the funds for NYAY. Once RG announced that the money would come from Ambani's pocket to fill the pockets of 5 crore poorest of the poor Indians. Mr. Chidambaram said that the fund would come from the government due to the increase in GDP rates ( which was possible due to BJP rule), and also increased tax collection.

    Now again, RG says that the money would come from the pockets of Ambanis, Modis, Mallayya and other industrialists who fled the country, to the pockets of the poorest of the poor 5 crore Indians. He also says that he would deposit 3.60 lakhs in their bank accounts of the poorest of the poor. He said that tax of the middle class won't be increased.

    What will happen if the Ambani, Modi and Mallayya are declared bankrupts? From where will RG pay the poorest of the poor? Why this guy is not telling the fact as to how he would get the fund to pay the poor? Why is he not getting along with Chidambaram's response to NYAY fund? How can he manage NYAY without increasing the tax of Middle class who are the sincere taxpayers, and most of the rich are tax evaders. The guy doesn't think well but repeats like a parrot.

    Different leaders from same party with different ideology ! Will the party survive?
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    The different statements from Rahul Gandhi and Chidambaram show that they never worked out seriously on the proposal made in their manifesto. If they have discussed the issue thoroughly they might have come out with a common statement. This is all a game to get the votes of poor people by showing some sympathy towards them and offering them some money. RG is thinking that the people mentioned by him will give so much money every year. Paying Rs.72000/- per family per annum is not a one-time affair. It is to be paid every year. So the answer given by Chidambaram may make some sense but the answer from RG is very illogical and it shows his depth of knowledge on the politics. It is pretty sure that it is difficult for Congress to make so much money available for paying to poor. They should encourage industry and see that value addition works will be carried out in India which will provide opportunities to the young people to earn money and the poor people may earn and become self-sufficient. But that is not talked about. Very unfortunate.
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    It was after all an election promise. The party is not very serious about it. In any case, they will have to think about it (NYAY) if they only come to the power, which they very well know that they won't. So, they are not serious about this proposed scheme or funding of this huge scheme. This promise will always remain a promise.
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    During election times every leader acts like a parrot. They repeat the same promises in different rallies organised at different parts of the country and later forget them altogether. Everyone knows that these are promises with an eye on the general elections and Mr Gandhi never thought about the whereabouts of the funds to be distributed among the poor. It is like the promise made by our present PM who said before the 2014 general elections that he is going to deposit Rs 15 Lakhs to the bank account of every individual in the country by recovering the black money stashed abroad. Neither the huge amount of black money recovered nor the countrymen got Rs 15 Lakhs in their accounts. When it comes to promises it is hard to differentiate between the opposition and incumbent candidates.

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    The election are in the process and the future of the parties and its candidate will be announced soon by the election conducting authorities. This is a crucial time and candidates will like to announce or declare various public friendly measures before this during the rallies and vote seeking sessions.

    This is a matter of utmost importance for them just like a candidate who has given the coveted IAS exam and now waiting for the result anxiously. Everything depends on the result of that exam.

    Now, during the rallies and manifesto announcement, they will make some promises to lure the voters. Sometimes due to hurry and lack of time they will do things in a haphazard fashion and the voters will be confused as he finds inconsistencies in the promises and announcements.

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    Making promises to woo the voters is one thing but to fulfill them is entirely a different matter.

    So, some parties are making tall talks without bothering as they know that the gullible voter will forget these things soon and the parties will have a pleasant time to enjoy the position and power.

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    Many a time, politicians have to say what the people want to hear. Whatever pleases the masses and whatever sounds good for the party would be stated time and again by the leaders. For instance Mr.Rahul Gandhi speaking about NYAY and Rafale. Mr. Modi speaking about surgical strike and dynasty politics. Both are correct from their viewpoint because, in the field of politics to survive such statements are vital.

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    Election is just like a spring season having the calming effects on the mind of leaders and they make their lectures more attractive by proclaiming some tall promises. It hardly matters whether the promises made them are truely implemented after the election.
    Again the favourable monsoon of the election has appeared with numerous leaders of different parties making promises soothing to the ears of the crowd. However, some listeners are lucky in the sense that they get some monetary benifits immediately by being the audience of their popular leaders. Their leaders know the nerves of their followers and as such they are in habit of offering a meagre sum of money to the audience and showing them the heaven which their audience will be enjoying once their leaders return to power after the election.

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