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    What has gone wrong to worry much about?

    Most of us don't read The Hindu. But we all are worried about the present government with some leakage of defence information with respect to purchasing of a few fighter planes for IAF. Some photocopies of the sensitive secret documents have been stolen and given to the media that has published it, and has taken the case to the court for investigation against the present government. The opposition party is making a big hue and cry, why?

    What is in the photocopies? What does it say? Can anyone tell us precisely about the information available in the photocopies? Why should we worry much about the photocopies?
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    I do not know why should we be worried at all about the present government. We are neither ministers nor our survival is at stake because of the leakage. The problem with us is we want to stay updated constantly about the happenings around us and the media is repeating the same thing over and over again during this election time. The constant flashing of the same news made many of us worried as if there is a robbery in our locality. When the case is in the court, why we wish to discuss it all the time? Let the judiciary find out who did what and announce the punishment.

    Neither the author has stolen the documents nor the members will be punished because of the wrongdoings. So there is no question of worry at all. Rather we should be worried about the sweltering heat outside. Stay cool and hydrated and stand in the queue to vote the right candidate when your turn comes.


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    We cannot just keep mum. If you believe that the government is for the people, by the people, and of the people, you wouldn't have responded in that manner. Though we are not affected individually, we are much concerned to worry about what has gone wrong with the governance. A responsible and true citizen of India will certainly worry about the nation, apart from the investigation by the court. Our discussion will also help the court to find the fact of the matter. It is a national issue, not a personal issue.

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    I am unable to understand how "Our discussion will also help the court to find the fact of the matter". Are they going to take our discussions as evidence while delivering the judgement regarding the deal? Which one is a national issue? Whether a scam took place or not? If it's a national issue then let the nation decide what is right and what is wrong, otherwise, let the court do its own job. If there is something seriously wrong with the governance then select the other party whom you think is the right one to do things in the right way. That is the true spirit of democracy.

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    What is judiciary? It contains the members like you and me, but more educated wearing a coat and suit exclusively to deal with cases brought before them, officially. A common man also can study and analyze things better than a lawyer or a judge. Who knows! They also read newspapers, watch TV channels. Some could be a member of ISC.

    It is not bad to discuss issues at ISC. ISC forum is meant to discuss things of any nature.

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    At this stage we do not know what those documents contain. That will be seen by the investigation authorities and court will take a view on that. The main worry at the present juncture is how come that these photocopies of the documents leaked out and are available in the media. It means there is definitely some deficiency in the governance at some level.

    Those people who are convinced with the honesty of the present Govt are worried that if something is found fishy in those documents then their faith in the present Govt will be shaken. Yes, that is true. Some of us will be hurt, though we have not done anything wrong.

    This is a worrisome situation for many. For those who are not affiliated to any party it does not matter as they believe that culprits should be punished who ever they are.

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    I used to read 'The Hindu' from my childhood. It is regarded as a credible newspaper. For those who want to improve the English vocabulary, it is highly recommended. Every school going children should read The Hindu. Even though it is left leaning newspaper, I respected the 'The Hindu" very much
    But, I feel, ever since the 2G spectrum scam reporting, its credibility is deteriorating. N. Ravi, the brother of Editor in Chief, N Ram, publicly criticized for turning the newspaper into an apologist for A Raja through the 2G spectrum scam coverage. He also accused N Ram for blacking out any news from China and termed it as pro-China tilt.
    Now the newspaper is giving views only, not news.
    Coming to the point of Rafale deal issue, it accused the parallel deal by PMO has weakened the negotiating power of MOD and Indian Negotiation Team. My personal opinion is that it should be kept out of public domain. Why Congress party is using the Rafale issue for shouting on corruption at BJP is that Robert Vadra and Karty Chidambaram are quizzed by ED,the key person of Agutha Westland case was also extradited form Dubai. Things are turning against them. Rafale is the only weapon to intimidate BJP.

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    After all, it is a government and the Ministry is formed by PM Modi, the head of the government. There is nothing wrong if Modi had participated in the deal to settle the deal fast in the interest of the security of our nation. We should appreciate Modi government for finalizing the Rafale deal within two years after coming to power. Modi's intervention has stopped someone getting the kickbacks. Who knows! Congress party kept the issue pending as they could not get the right kickbacks from the deal. Congress party should feel ashamed for not completing the deal during their two tenure of 10 good years. They sat and slept over the issue and did not care to strengthen our IAF, but to get the kickback.
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    There are many such cases under investigation and this will also be added to the list.

    Most of the defense purchase cases belong to earlier Govt and still the investigations are going on.

    Investigating authorities have to do their work impartially and the real things and truth will be known clearly after that only.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The law should not take this long course to investigate the past scandals pertaining to any government, may it be Congress or BJP or any other party. The judiciary should be fast and smart enough to deal with such scandal cases. Should it take so many years to investigate and punish the guilty in Bofors, Augusta Westland, etc?

    @ Justice delayed is justice denied.

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    You are right. PMO has taken the decision fast and finalized the deal,

    Taking no decision was a decision followed by many leaders in the previous Government which facilitated corruption, benefited many.

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    Many of the people today are worried about the papers that are leaked. There are two questions here.
    1. How the papers could go out. This incident says that there is someone inside who made it possible. They might have done it for getting some money or they might have done it to defame the present government and support the opposition. This is to be known.
    2. What is there in the papers? Is there anything important there. If somebody might have inflated the rates intentionally the actual reason will not be there in writing and that too in official papers. All those dealings will be secret dealings only. Either the then DM or the PM is not interested in money. That is a known fact.

    This is all created by the opposition party as they don't have any other points. One more thing which I want to mention is today's The Hindu is different from the yesteryear's The Hindu. They have lost their credibility. Of course, we may read Hindu for improving our language but not for reliable news.

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    If The Hindu is a patriotic newspaper, the editor should first get the person involved in stealing the documents from the defence ministry. If he doesn't do it, it would imply that the journalist also involved in stealing the documents. Hence we can call "The Hindu Chor Hai".

    Let our government complain and book the culprit first and then attend the court to fight the case. Let us know who is the black sheep roaming inside the Defence Ministry?

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