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    Is there any difference between a staunch supporter and a person having blind faith on something?

    There are staunch supporters of some ideologies, beliefs and of course of political parties. They will go to any extent to vouch for their favourite beliefs or leaders. This is not limited to politics but applicable to things that one favours. It may be the favourite person in your locality or the grocery shop from where you purchase your monthly requirements. You tell others how good the person or shopkeeper is and one must try that shop to check the quality and price. We all do the same thing and at times go overboard to declare that there is no one like that person or it is impossible to compare some ideologies with the other as if the one which I am following is the best.

    The other day I raised this thread about faith and members have opined that blind faith is not good. Is there any difference between blind faith and staunch supporters? Whether you have blind faith on something or a staunch supporter of a person or belief, when it comes to aligning with the faith or person you lose all your sense of presence and your judgement gets hampered. You start to act on impulse rather than thinking of reality. Members, how many of you agree?
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    Yes, I think there is a difference, a staunch supporter could have a rational reason but blind faith is unrealistic and irrational. For instance, a staunch supporter of Ahimsa, communism, gender equality, etc would be reasonable, would be able to think rationally and give reasons behind what he or she thinks is correct/moral and hence they are staunch supporters.

    Whereas blind faith is often irrational, people having blind faith in godmen, astrology, black magic, etc. Here we cannot reason out or debate with such people. Here education, awareness and common sense goes out of the window.

    A staunch supporter over a period of time, by constant bombardment or propaganda, can crossover to someone having blind faith. To me being a staunch supporter is far better than having blind faith (which is often misplaced).

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    A staunch supporter supports with passion on the basis of realistic and reasonable things, not on the basis of the unrealistic and unreasonable fist of things. He knows why and how to support based on the facts and rationality. A staunch supporter doesn't follow without any reasonable and logical things.
    However, blind faith does not need anything realistic or rational. He follows without any reason, without any real thing. A person blind by his faith can't think of irrationality, blind faith is enough for him to follow a particular person which leads to destruction only and we can't expect anything good from him.
    The following anyone with our rational thinking can take people miles forward and benefit the people. I think it always better to follow as a staunch supporter with all sensible and serious-mindedness.

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    A staunch supporter is a person who supports some body for specific reasons which may be believed by himself or herself. In blind faith there may not be reason for their following. They can do anything or even kill themselves to show their faith. Some times some people follow Baba's whatever they say blindly eventhough what they said is not reasonable nor it stands to any truth. Similarly some blind followers of politicians get hypnotized and whatever their leader says appears to be perfect for them and they don't believe anybody in their life.

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    A staunch supporter is he who studies and analyse and support anything after being fully convinced about, whereas a blind faith is something that we don't look into properly, but believe what others say about a thing, or a practice that is being followed for many generations.
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    It is a good thing if a person staunchly supports something but at the same time, it is foolish to support something blindly.

    Blind supporters are responsible for any successful emergence of bad elements.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This could be depending upon the perceptions of an individual that we may refer to him or her as a staunch supporter or a person having blind faith on something.

    The term "faith" itself is referenced to with the spiritual or religious phenomenon while the term "staunch supporter" would be understood to be aligned with the happenings & incidences of this physical world but in a way these shows the extremism side of the respective areas & anything considered to be as the extremism wouldn't be good for the society & for the world at large and I agree with the author that under the influences of these we may lose our senses with having serious implications on our judgments & on the actions taken.

    We have lots of recent & live examples wherein we being inflicted by superstitions beliefs along with our affection towards one political ideology without acknowledging the fact of their stand & the implications on supporting those & no doubt that those are posing serious threat to the existence of moderate beliefs.

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    There are many people in the society who do not use their brain and prudence for taking certain decisions. They simply follow the society or their friends or neighbour or colleagues and just copy the actions made by others. These people are really the king maker though unintentionally.

    Staunch supporters are the real supporters. They know why and whom they are following or supporting. They will like to get the reward also for their loyalty. They will never do it as free of returns. Successful people have a number of staunch supporters who come to his rescue time and again. They form a closed group and if required do a lot of lobbying also. A boss in the office can survive all odds if he has staunch supporters. That becomes his strength.

    There are many spiritual or religious leaders who have not only a following of staunch supporters but also the blind supporters and these people really enjoy the fruits of both the worlds.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are many actors and heroes in the movies. These heroes will have supporters whom we will call as fans. These fans support their hero and say always that their hero is the best hero and his action is the best always. If his movie fails also, they will try to pose other reasons for the failure and they will say that might have seen a terrible failure if their hero is not there. They say because of their hero they movie at least made that much money. Otherwise, the losses might have been very high. This is blind faith. This blind faith will never help the hero to make amends to his skills and improve performance.
    But there are some fans who like the hero but they will help the hero in finding out his faults and help him to improve his skills. These are the people who are the Staunch supporters. These people will help his hero to make better performance.
    In all other fields also it will be the same. It is always better to be a Staunch supporter but not a supporter of blind faith.

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