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    Is Aswatama, son of Drona of Mahabharatha still alive?

    After the 18 days Kurukshetra war, on the 19th day, Aswathama the son of Dronacharya was cursed by Lord Sri Krishna that he would live for another 3000 years and suffer by mingling and roaming around the corpses. This was from Krishna as Aswatama used his Brahmastra to destroy Pandavas and the entire universe. When Narada asked him to retrieve the Brahmastra and save the universe, Aswatama did not know the art of retrieving the Brahmastra, but he directed it to hit the infant inside the womb of Uthira w/o of Abhimanyu. Since Aswatama killed an infant by his great Brahmastra, Krishna had to curse him.

    Is Aswatama alive and roaming around the corpses?
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    An interesting question but it's hard to give an accurate answer. Maybe he is there according to the curse of Krishna but according to the curse, I am sure he is not among the masses. He is supposed to mingle and roam around something that has no life. That place, where he is supposed to roam around, is not frequented by people all the time. Maybe he is still mingling by keeping himself hidden from the masses.

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    As per Mahabaratha Aswathama will live forever. He is immortal like Hanuma. This is what was known. After the Kurukshetra war, he wanted to take revenge on Pandava and he killed all the upapandavas. He has done that to see that Pandavas will not have any successors. Then Krishna and Draupadi cursed him. Then he understood his mistake. Arjuna caught hold him and plucked the diamond he is having on his head and left him.

    Around 40 years back during my studies, there was a rumour that Aswathama was roaming somewhere near NewDelhi. He was daily coming to a temple there and his head was giving a foul smell as Arjuna plucked the diamond from his head. However, I don't know how far it is true.

    One who believes these Puranas will believe that he is alive but people who never believe these Puranas will say there is no question of a person living for so many years.

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    Whether we believe or not, there are many stories of souls and ghosts wandering in the cosmos as they are cursed by Gods. Ashwashthama is one such person who was cursed by Lord Krishna as Ashwashthama misused the ultimate weapon that is Brahmashtra.

    As they are cursed they do not get rid of worldly pains and have to be among the corpses or dirty places. That becomes their destiny for the stipulated period or infinitely. They are powerless souls and can not harm anyone. They are suffering in misery for their faults and we can not help them as they are not visible to us and we can not communicate with them. They might be wandering around us but we can not feel their presence.

    Our mythology has many depictions like that and are related to ancient stories and epics.

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    Practically it's not possible for anyone to live for 3000 years. There are lots of such mythological stories and every story cannot be believed. I also heard the case Dr Rao mentioned here but there is no proof that he was Ashwathama.

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    It is ofcourse impossible for any mortal. But Ashwatama is one of the Chiranjeevi. Even his birth was highly controversial as he was adopted by Dronacharya when he found infant Ashwatama in a horse stable. He was born to a horse, is the general assumption. A character with a weird birth must also have a weird death. So the writers of epic made him immortal. But there are people in foothills of Himalayas and Rajastan who claim he knocks at their doors in nights and asks for ointment to the wound Krishna gave him. These are regional myths that sprung from an epic. I personally dont buy him being immortal.
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