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    What are the characteristics of a patriot?

    Recently there is a wave of national pride and patriotism in our country. People are talking a lot on this and differentiating between the patriotic fellows and the others. As a matter of fact, we all are the citizens of this country and naturally we all are patriots and concerned for the solidarity of our country.

    It is very difficult to find out who is not a patriot. If we say a particular person is not patriotic it will be an offending statement and will hurt the individual. I think we should not assign a label of non patriotism on anyone without any proper investigation or proof.

    What in your opinion are the characteristics of a patriot? How can we identify one? Please share your opinion.
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    It is very simple to understand what is patriotism. Patriotism is nothing but love towards our country we belong to. We cannot display our patriotism in a special way. We all can say that we love our country, but how? give an example.

    The only way to know how good patriotic we are is this. We have a symbol that represents our country. That is our national flag. A real patriotic will surely respect and honour the flag which represents India. If we fail to respect and dishonour the flag, we can be blamed as non-patriotic.

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    "Of the nation, by the nation & for the nation" can well be defined on the statehood of being "patriot".

    Hope so that the above satisfied our goal of defining the patriotism & any deviation from it would seamlessly put ourselves onto some different context.

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    Our country is created based on certain principles. The citizens of this country should have a feeling of bond with those principles. If we lose that bond, country will be doomed. The reason for the loss of this bond is that we are sometimes becoming selfish, self-centered and feel entitled to whatever we want. Patriotism cannot be instructed. It grows from a connectedness to a common ideal and belief system. All citizens should feel the obligation to strengthen the bond.

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    Patriotism is our love , and sense of belongingness to our native land, or Nation. Patriotism may be looked at in different ways. It may be ethnic, cultural, or geographical.
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    Many members explained very well what is patriotism. That is very nice. Once our Ex-Prime Minister Vajpayee said that for him first comes the Nation, then the party and then himself. One who can think in similar lines is the real Patriot. When we can think about the Nation and the Society before we think about our personal benefit then we can say that we are the real patriots and we have patriotism. But these days finding such people is a very difficult proposition. Even though there are one or two people they will not be allowed to function because many others will lose their chances of making money.
    A person who takes care of his money very well and the same person when it comes to public thinks how best he can make use of that money for his personal benefit. As long as we have this type of thoughts we can't say we have real patriotism.

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    Mr. Rao,
    Patriotism is not connected with money. Both the rich and poor can be patriotic. It is the sense of belonging to a nation, and their love and affection towards their nation. A true patriotic will be ready to do anything for his motherland. A true patriotic will be sincere to his government. He will never tolerate someone speaking ill about his nation, government or its people. He will always feel proud of his nation.

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    The love and respect for the country can be expressed in many ways. One needs to feel proud of her/his nation and should not let others demean the nation in any way. On one hand, we see a lot of enthusiasm among people when they celebrate Independence day or any day of National importance on the other there is a growing tendency among many people who feel that nothing is going to happen in this country. They think it is a wastage of time to think for any development activities and always wish to move abroad. I do not know whether we can call those people patriotic.

    Love and respect for the nation also mean love and respect for the people of this country. This love and respect for the countrymen should not depend on the caste, creed or religion of the other and must be equal for everyone. Most of the politicians try to impress people with some activities that seem patriotic but they tend to divide people on the basis of caste, creed and religion. Can we call them patriots?

    Love and respect for the country and its people, not to demean the country in any way, uphold the values of the country and uttermost respect for the people who fought for the country during its struggle for freedom are the basic characteristics of a patriot.


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    The love and respect for the nation is what I feel is patriotism. Real patriotism is not to criticise our traditions and history.

    Also I believe the one who always try to do things which helps in the growth of nation is patriot where as the one who always involve n the things which defame our nation and also a hurdle in the growth of the nation are not.


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