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    Only a person lived in poverty can help to eradicate poverty

    Only a person who suffered and lived a pitiful life of poverty can help to remove poverty. Hope you will agree and disagree.

    Poverty in India is a major problem that no one could find a solution. Since independence, leaders had been talking about the eradication of poverty from India. But they could not. Nehru, Indira and Rajiv were the Prime Ministers of our country. They all tried their best, but could not eradicate poverty, because they were all rich and born with a golden spoon. They know what is poverty but never experienced or suffered in poverty.

    Few leaders like Kamaraj who experienced and lived in poverty could really eradicate poverty to some extent. He introduced the Mid-day meal scheme to overcome poverty.

    Hence, I feel that we should elect a leader who has experienced and suffered in poverty to be a leader to lead our country to ensure that poverty is fully eradicated from India.

    Even surgical strike or medical strike can't help to remove poverty by a leader born with golden spoon in Italy and present in India.

    Your comments, please.
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    As long as there is corruption the leaders won't be able to do much. Just think about the PDS scheme or the Midday meal scheme that is pointed out in the thread. There are many political leaders who mismanage the funds or foodgrains allocated for the schemes. The government in power whether in the centre or the state must seal the loopholes present in the total system. Even the foodgrains allocated for the prisoners are misappropriated by a few unscrupulous persons involved in managing the show.

    It is true that a person who lived in poverty understands perfectly the pain of those living in poverty. There are many honest ministers who tried hard to eradicate poverty, there are different schemes launched to this effect but because of corruption, every person living in poverty is not getting the benefit. Along with proper planning, strict implementation is all that is needed. It must be looked into whether the benefit is reaching every individual.


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    A hungry person knows importance of food. Many of the politicians may not know what is hunger. They have only hunger for money. Majority of the politicians are crorepati's. What do they know about poverty.
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    No. I disagree with your statement. A person lived in poverty cannot help to eradicate poverty.

    Poverty and Prosperity of a country are decided by the politics and economies of the country. To alleviate poverty and to prosper, citizens need inclusive political and economic institutions which create innovation, economic expansion and more widely held wealth. Economic policy should be in such a way that wealth should not be concentrated within certain people. In India, we can see some states are poor where political and economic institutions are not developed and some states are prosperous, where those institutions are developed and inclusive.

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    A poor man can understand the difficulties of the other poor man. A rich man can't understand the difficulties and problems of a poor man as he never experienced poverty. But a poor man can advise other poor people based on his experience and his knowledge. That can be followed by another poor man. To that extent, I will agree with the author.
    The poverty can be eradicated by the government based on the financial health of the country. A real leader who wants to help a poor man will try to see that the ways and means for earning money are improved so that all the people will have some way to live on. That is what exactly done by our Ex-PM PVN Rao. He started his steps towards globalisation which has given a chance to improve the job potential in the country. Leaders like Babu utilised the chance and improved their states.
    But leaders of such nature are not there now. Another philosophy of the present day leaders is to offer Sops to the people so that the will be lazy always and don't bother about the development.

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