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    Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi embarrasses her own party

    Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi. Those who watch TV debates regularly know this beautiful, suave, articulate and fluent English-speaking Congress spokesperson very well. She forcefully talks about every proposed project/scheme of her leader Rahul Gandhi. But what has happened to her?

    She has spoken out against her party after Congress reinstated some party leaders who had recently misbehaved with her. Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi has tweeted: "Deeply saddened that lumpen goons get prefence (original spelling mistake) in @incindia [Congress] over those who have given their sweat & blood". She said this while re-tweeting a journalist who attached a photo of a Congress notice that talked about how Ms. Chaturvedi had recently complained about a few party leaders misbehaving with her.

    The tweet of the Congress spokesperson clearly indicates that all is not well in the party. This tweet has hugely embarrassed Congress.
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    These type of things do happen in every political party from time to time and since the general election is going on the media found this most significant. It is quite natural to feel sad when a spokesperson experiences such things. Maybe the Congress found those leaders useful for winning elections so they were reinstated despite the complaint of the spokesperson.

    In almost all the parties we will hear some dissenting voices and surprisingly the people who toiled hard to build its base among the masses get sidelined in many cases. The same thing is experienced here by many TMC workers in West Bengal who are sidelined now. If these numbers increase there is a rebellion among the party workers.


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    I am not surprised of this incidence as this is quite natural considering the political drama being going on seeing the ongoing election campaigning. If the members could remember of the fact that few times back even the Sidhu kept awaited for speaking & finally his chance never came while the rally came to end.

    Politics is like any other festival or job profile wherein everything seems fancy from outside but beneath it this shows us of the dirtiest of the tricks being played upon us.

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    These things will happen in political parties especially during elections. The main reason for this is the individual members will have their own agenda and they give preference to that than the party. Even the main party leaders will always have their eye on the post they are going to get if they win and their party wins. There is no surprise, she may say tomorrow that she is resigning from the party and joining another party. Last Elections Jayaprada contested from Rampur on a party ticket. This time also she is contesting from the same constituency but as a candidate from a different party.
    In Telangana people after winning, they are changing the parties. So these incidents will happen. Regarding Rs.6000/- per month to a poor family programme, Chidambaram spoke in a different way and Rahul Gandhi is speaking in a different way. This is all in the game of politics. We are all simple spectators.

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    This is not the only incident where we see such bad things happen. These incidents do happen now in the country, unfortunately. Our leaders steep low during election campaigns and unfold the tirade of abuses and irrational languages. Sense of responsibility has lost and only cheap politics is unfolding, which is bad for the country.

    If our leaders steep low by using uncivilized language then this is not a healthy sign for the country. Back to back bouncers of abuses from political leaders during the campaign have maligned the electoral process. Can't our leaders fight an electoral battle with honesty and uphold the integrity of the country, and without hurling abuses on each other.
    This uncivilized language is only degrading them and can never be helpful in any way.

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    This may be a game-changer. Those who insulted and abused her, are being brought back and organizational posts are being given to them. This is because they are close to the Congress President.
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    Tweeting won't make much difference as it is limited to people who tweet only. A common man may not know who is this good lady Priyanka Chaturvedi. Whether she speaks good or bad about Congress, it doesn't matter to the voters who don't know what is tweeting. Least bothered and not worried.
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    Congress spokesperson is fed up with some goonda elements in her own party. She has complained to party head but there is no response.

    This is a bad trend as it will weaken the party.

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    Breaking news: In a huge embarrassment for the Congress in the middle of the national election, the party spokesperson Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi quit the party last night. She is going join the Shiv Sena, a coalition member of NDA led by BJP.
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    Yes, in a dramatic move she has joined Shiv Sena which is in coalition with BJP. Congress will be losing a good fighter as we had seen that how she was attacking the BJP actions and protecting the congress everywhere. She has removed her tag of congress spokesperson from her twitter handle and in coming times she will be exposing congress now.

    Politics is like that. If you do not satisfy and do not make the career of your grassroots worker he or she will leave you and join other group. I think it is another setback for congress which is already fighting with so many anomalies and problems in their party as well as in Mahagathabandhan.

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    Considering the chain reaction than it's going to cost Congress party huge because there are thousand of followers of her & in addition this will link with the thousand others in some form & this will go on multiplying with the time.

    No doubt that these incidences plays a crucial role more specially during the time the elections are being taking place as the political parties have got with the lesser time for damage control.

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    Changing party by the politicians is quite common for politicians. Politicians change parties for not securing seat or for not getting position in party. But in the case of Priyanka Chaturvedi , she was hurt by the party for re-instating some party workers who have misbehaved with her. It is wrong on the part of Congress party in taking back the persons who have misbehaved with a lady that too their own spokes person.
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