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    Right to information- [RTI] whether used or misused?

    Government of India has enacted the Right to information Act 2005 giving access to certain information/documents which otherwise the disclosure was restricted under Official secrets Act 1923. The Act was passed on 15th June 2005 and came in to force on 12th October 2005.

    Consequent to the passing of the bill in parliament and introduction of RTI Act, many activists came in to picture. The introduction of RTI Act saw 17,50, 0000 applications being filed in the first ten years. These days on an average 4800 RTI applications are being filed everyday.

    The RTI has provided more right to the Citizens of the Country. But there are also people who misuse the Act. They use the information sought under RTI Act to take revenge against their opponents and in some cases they blackmail for ransom.
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    Right to information act brings transparency in government processes. It is unfortunate that some people are misusing it by taking advantage of the information shared through RTI applications. Mostly political parties used it for their advantages to corner their opposition parties but there are many social activists using RTI to do good for the people. Most of the corruption done by political parties can be easily identified through RTI. It is not only focusing on political parties, even government officials becomes responsible after the introduction of RTI.
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    RTI is a good initiative. It will increase the transparency of government actions. In case of any doubt, we can ask for the information and analyse it. But the issue is how much accurate is the information? Even though there is a price escalation for work, the politicians and the intelligent bureaucrats will very nicely give an explanation and say that they are very pious. That is the problem.
    For example, if a government gives a contract to a contractor, the price will be naturally very high than generally, what we see outside. But for that, you can get 101 reasons for these people. So as long as the intentions of the government and bureaucrats are not fair no law can help to decrease the corruption.
    Now the political parties are using this for blaming the other parties and trying to get some advantage out of that. But I am not seeing any benefit for a common man.

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    Many information is coming to the public domain because of this RTI act and from the information provided under this act people are filing court cases too. There is a chance of misuse with every act and I would say there are people everywhere who are intentionally trying to humiliate others with the help of different acts. There are many clauses under the RTI act and you will not get the details of sensitive information even if you seek information under the RTI act. It is true that this act has given more right to citizens and many departments have a separate RTI section to deal with RTI related issues.

    Seeking information on any issue cannot be termed as misuse of the act, rather seeking information on trivial issues that has no significance at all is a wastage of time which should be discouraged.


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    RTI act is a very important help providing citizen act. It helps in transparency in various fields. You can get information on any of the issue whether it is related to CM or PM or any public organisation. So any body getting truth only through this act where is the question of humiliating others. Those politicians who wants to hide things only has to fear. There is mass opinion in the press that this government has diluted RTI rule during its governance. RTI is very essential in present India otherwise government Supress information and keep people in dark.

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    RTI is a great act in the sense that now the officials are more alert and cautious in their official work and dealings as there is always a threat of damocles sword of RTI dangling overhead. Any citizen can ask any information just by writing a simple letter on a plain paper and create problems for the employees and management especially when there is something black in the bottom.

    Whenever there is a facility, there are some clever and mischievous people who take advantage of it and in fact misuse it. There are people who have made it a method of blackmailing and threatening the officials. These people have links with media also and they pass on the vital information to them also.

    Today RTI is a major activity for unearthing the official procedures and actions done in any case and is a powerful tool to know everything about a shady or doubtful deal especially in purchase of materials, appointments and placement of the employees and other such activities.

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