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    When belief leads to pollution!

    The water of the Ganges is holy and is required in every ritual. There are many who keep a bottle of this holy water of Ganges at their home. They say it purifies everything. If somehow somebody becomes 'impure', I do not know what it literally means, showering a few drops of that holy water on that person can make a lot of difference. Those who are very religious think that throwing every accessory after a particular ritual in the river Ganges will bring some virtue and they will somehow find a way to throw them in the Ganges because of this belief. Nowadays, because of restrictions imposed in many places, this trend has come down a lot but there is no respite for other water bodies from this practice. Still, many people think that at least throwing those accessories at the local water bodies will also bring virtue, though maybe a little less in amount. In some way, this has made the small water bodies, especially the ponds, in the locality filthy. Can we at least leave the water bodies alone? Why can't we throw them in some other places where garbage is kept?
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    Somehow it has become a business to pollute the waterbodies.

    In Thirunallaru, where Lord Sani resides, the practice is that people visiting the temple should buy new black clothes, wear it, bath in the pool, shed the black dresses into the pool, and leave the place, wear normal clothes and worship the lord.

    Apart from polluting the pool, see how the sale of black clothes flourishes on the name of Sani Bhagavan.

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    An excellent thought by the author. We should not throw anything in the water bodies. It is better to offer these items in the temple from where they will finally go in the garbage.

    Water bodies and rivers are our lifeline and we should keep them clean. Throwing garlands, flowers, prasadam and other things in them is a very wrong action and anyone who is concerned for green Earth will never do it.

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    You reminded me what I did on last Sunday. I threw the waste, idols and accessories after the ritual on the bank of Yamuna. I am against doing it but my wife being over religious insisted on to throw it in Yamuna. I was not alone I saw at least 10 people doing the same under the board where it was written " the person who will be caught throwing the waste will be fined 500 Rs". I was feeling embarrassed but could not do anything as I cannot fight with my wife as she is of the category of common people who feel blessed by doing it.

    The best part was that the waste is collected on the bank itself and is not thrown in the river. These things have been in our blood and it will take years to make people understand that we are ultimately polluting water bodies and in return we don't get any blessing.


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    It is very difficult to change the beliefs, cultural habits, traditional actions etc in any society and anyone who talks against it is considered an out of the place person. So, even if it is wrong, we surrender to our family members or sometimes they surrender to our rigid views.

    Interestingly there are so many religions and cultures in this world and everyone has its own set of beliefs and thinking and no one is going to agree to change so easily.

    There is a competition angle to this problem. Some people say that if the other religion people are so rigid and stubborn then why I change my ways. I will be more rigid so that their religion should not dominate us. It has happened during the British regime in India that some of the locals started to change their religion to christianity seeing that it was more modernised and reputed religion in the world. So such things will happen if we do not stick to our culture may be sometimes blindly also.

    At the same time it is our duty to take care of the environment and people should agree to modify our ways to some extent so that the rituals polluting rivers or water bodies are minimised and we find some alternative for it like offering them in a small tank in a temple where a regular cleaning can be done.

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    Polluting water bodies will create a problem for us in the long run. We should stop any activity polluting our water bodies. This is also true that people have a belief and it sometimes becomes impossible to avoid these things. But I believe with proper counseling and guidance, we can prevent people from throwing materials in water bodies after rituals. Members are asserting such activities are polluting our water bodies so, we should take steps to prevent these water bodies. They are precious and we should make all possible efforts to prevent them from vanishing. We can keep this water clean and use for our daily purposes.
    It may be difficult to convince people but with persistence and guidance, such things can be avoided and we can prevent water bodies from getting polluted.

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    Nature is always pure and it has its own mechanism to control the side affects. But human beings are responsible for polluting the nature. The universe and nature has been created with may systems of its own. Whereas we are all breaking those systems resulting in disasters. In olden days we never had water purifier we used to drink water directly from the wells. But now most of the wells have become non potable.

    Who is responsible for this havoc?. Like human beings there are Animals, birds and other creatures living in this planet. Except for human beings, no other creature in this planet are causing pollution and damage to the environment. We consider ourselves as more intelligent among other creatures in the plant. Why not we learn some lessons from birds and animals in protecting the environment.

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    I appreciate the author for the particular thread and his thought process. It is an age-old belief which will not change overnight but must change, or else, life on this earth will become miserable.

    As we all know that it's not correct, but in most of the cases, we tend to do the wrong thing in the name of religious sentiment or due to personal weakness. The gen-next has a strong vision, and the day they will take up the responsibility to change the mindset, then such odd practices will come to an end.

    We must also become firm and act accordingly. Our attitude will eradicate pollution.


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    In a slightly broader perspective the religious cause is not the only reason when it comes to be evident of polluting water bodies but unauthorized pumping of wastes & lack of recycling plants across the regions also provides a good basis in reducing the good water resources & at the same time increasingly responsible for water pollution at all locations.

    We are talking about the rituals of a particular faith but slightly ahead I would like to extend this to other belief systems as well wherein because of slaughtering this has also led to polluting of the water bodies.

    What could be more to say here because we have more into faith & lesser with some logical sense but instead of these entire one good thing is that we are beginning to realize this fact & is also raising these concerns with the others on different platforms. One of the instances could be from form recent Kumbh festival wherein due to efforts of the Central & State governments the visitors became evident of cleanliness around which were missing during the decades of different other governance.

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    It is the belief that has come to the people from their elders. We all know that River Ganges is a very religious and sacred river for all Hindus. Many of them feel that a holy dip in these waters will wash away all the sins committed by the individual. Whether it is true or not let us not discuss that. But the fact is that by throwing all the wastes into these rivers and other waterbodies we are spoiling the waterbodies. This is no way can be considered as correct. But old habits and beliefs die hard. If we say not to do that the people will say that we are against the Hindu religion.
    It will take some time for people to get changed. Slowly we are seeing the change. Many people are aware of the problems and try to come out slowly. But this is not the main threat to pollution. The main threat comes from industries where a lot of waste is generated and just left it to the public without doing any treatment. The corrupted officers will be cooperating such people. Let us think more about those practices which are causing major damage to the public.

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