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    A group of people with a green mission.

    I live in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai and we have the hills here rising from the ground and meeting to the western ghats all along the western part of the country here.

    Just at the periphery of our town there is a gradual slope from the ground to the nearby hills and people used to go there for morning and evening walks as pleasant breeze was most of the times blowing there.

    About 6-7 years back some of the like minded people started planting trees in that area and started watering them by bringing water from the nearby societies and residential are. Seeing their interest, some businessmen helped them to make a water tank there and filled it with water at a gap of few days. Now there are many volunteers who come there for walk and water these plants. During rainy season they are planting more and more trees.

    The whole area is now filled with plants and one can go even in the day time in their shade.

    I was really surprised and fascinated by this group activity by some people who have changed the whole terrain in the area.

    I salute to these people having such a green mission. Have you also seen such a activity near your place?
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    It is indeed a great initiative towards saving our planet. The planet is suffering due to deforestation all over the world. We need to give more thrust and involve ourselves in such missions. Otherwise our future generation have to bear the brunt.

    Already the global warming has become a major concern for the earth planet. The main cause of global warming is deforestation. Planting of more and more trees will help in controlling the global warming.

    Due to deforestation climate is changing resulting in natural disasters. In certain parts of the world there are excess rains and certain part there are no rains. Unless we take immediate steps n these directions we may have to face more severe natural disasters in future.

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    The plantation is a nice step towards the green revolution and it should be intensified at all levels. It is a great effort that people are coming forward to plant trees and even taking care of those plants and trees. Greenery is a lifeline for human beings. It provides you relief from the scorching heat. It purifies the air and provides a better atmosphere free from pollution and dirt in the air.

    Your initiative of planting and watering them is a big step and everyone should get involved in this mega endeavor to spread the greenery all around. Deforestation has already worsened the situation across the globe and imbalance has been created in our ecosystem due to cutting down of trees. Considerable increase in the atmosphere has created a concern for global atmospheric change. Global warming is a big concern.

    So we should take steps to stop the rising temperatures in the globe and plant more and more to bring the situation under control.

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    All should appreciate the initiatives taken by the people there and created a green area in the hilly area. This is really a commendable initiative and such works should be encouraged by the local bodies and the people should be honoured. Many people will get into that kind of activities if there is encouragement. Planting trees and nurturing them is the need of the hour. Many forests are getting converted to concrete jungles and no compensation for the trees cut. This is the main reason for global warming. So if all the people going for waking in the mornings select a place like this and start planting trees and nurturing them.
    there will be a sea change. Otherwise, if they are going to a park for walking they should plant trees in that part and feed water daily. If every member does this there will be a good number of plants and I think there will be some answer for the high temperatures we are witnessing now.
    Thanks to the author for bringing out a piece of good information he got so that many people will know about it and take this an initiative in other places also.

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    Nature has provided everything that we need. God thought it well and presented it to us. We need not to suffer for food and water. But we humans have gone against nature and not going with nature, and suffer.

    Take a mango tree or any fruit-yielding tree. A single tree can fetch a thousand fruit. Each mango can be grown as a tree to multiply the mangoes. In a year, if one mango tree gives 1000 fruits, and if all the thousand mango seeds are preserved and planted and nurtured, it would grow within a few years. Thus 1000 can be multiplied with 1000 to give 1000000 fruits, and it can be multiplied to give 1000000000000 fruits and furthermore and more. But after eating the mango, we throw away the seed as a waste. How can we make 1000000000000 or more mangoes?

    I have shown a sample of mango. What about other fruits? Think it over.

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    As mentioned by the author the group of people has really done a commendable job. We are destroying nature in many ways, so we must take utmost care by planting more trees. The problem with many of us is we are not concerned at all about nature and do such things which are harmful to the environment. A simple step like planting trees if taken up jointly by a group of people in any locality can work wonders. We only have to take care of nature, since we are causing harm to it in different ways. The more trees we plant, the less will be the effective pollution in that area. Just imagine if this activity is carried out in every area, pollution everywhere can come down to a great extent.

    We all know this but cannot apply it everywhere. Open space is a big issue and in many places, every inch of open space has been occupied to construct some concrete structures. Whatever little space is left has to be utilised properly by planting more trees. In our locality and a few of the adjacent localities, the local municipalities have taken up beautification drive where they plant trees, though small in numbers, and construct parks so that people can have some fresh air in the midst of concrete jungles.


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    Great to hear that people take up to the cause of the environment in whatever way they can help. I'm glad to say that at come local functions and birthday parties, I've seen the hosts give a small sapling or a plant as a gift. In and around Bangalore there are many retired officials and groups who revive dead lakes and make it a thriving ecosystem supporting plant, bird and animal lives.

    One such great man is Mr.Kamegowda (82 years) from Malavalli, Karnataka, who has built 14 lakes/tanks and kept the hills green in and around his village. Another is the 107-year-old, Mrs. Thimmakka ( a casual laborer) who planted 8000 odd trees and has been honored by the President of India with a Padma Shri. There would be many more such noble people who win the admiration of people for there efforts to revive nature.

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    A remarkable effort by a group of people which really showed successful results. Moreover it has become an example for those who wanted to take up similar works. There is no doubt that if somebody come forward and do something useful, people will rally behind
    Additionally other people also will try to take up similar projects.
    Here so have a clear cut example similar to the one cited by the author. A dozen families started vegetable cultivation, making use of the available space in their respective houses. Even terrace was used for vegetable cultivation. Seeing their positive results more families, about 30 in number, have taken up this as a part time work. They found that the kitchen waste also could be converted as a useful manure for the kitchen garden. Two useful things at a stretch. Removal of the waste and availability of fresh vegetables.


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