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    Was money given for votes elsewhere too?

    One particular rowdy, whose name is Mu Kaa Azagiri, and the totally discredited son of the late Chief Minister, Mr. M. Karunanidhi, started the dirtiest culture of bribing voters with money, some years ago. He did it in Madurai, where the economic differences are very huge. Today, he is not even a member of the DMK. He has been dismissed from the party.

    Yet, the same DMK and the AIADMK, more so, the latter, have perfected the art of bribing voters. The DMK had done some really good things. They brought IT in the form of Tidel Park, one of India's largest IT parks. Today, it is a huge IT hub on the outskirts of Chennai. The entire OMR stretch was developed by them. They built superb bridges in Chennai. The DMK is also the sole catalyst of the 69% reservation in Tamil Nadu. The foresight of Dr. Kalaignar was very good. Today, the massive manpower base is supporting the growth of the State so well. All communities have a massive number of educated people. It was a good social engineering. The Mannargudi Mafia dominated AIADMK, is one of the worst parties of India. Easily the most corrupted too.

    The AIADMK has openly paid Rs.2000 in most places, for a single vote. What is going on in other States? Is it so bad?
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    The person who receives the money is also equally responsible for the crime. But in our Country due poverty and lack of awareness people fall prey to such corrupt and unethical politicians. Education and employment is the solution to all these problems.
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    Giving money and taking money, both are illegal. But it has become a practice and it has become an open secret. When the panchayat elections were there in a village, a person whose name is there in that village was not in the village. He was in the USA. The person who is contesting paid money for to and fro, and also other expenses. He came voted and gone back.
    This time in elections for MLAs a lot of money was distributed in Telangana. The Voters got an amount Rs.2000/- to Rs. 3000/-.
    All parties gave money. For the people to attend a meeting a biryani packet, a beer bottle and Rs.500/- per candidate is being given and transport is to be arranged. The same people will attend all the meetings of all parties.
    I heard in AP in some places one party gave up to Rs.7000/- per vote. This practice of distributing money is more in South I think.

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    Sir, it is sad to note that AP is also going the TN way. It will lead to imbalances. We live in a gated community. Two parties and their chamchas came here and appealed for votes. However, we did not allow them to even talk about money. We had warned them in advance. The poor people sort of justify when they accept money. They simply say that the Money is just coming back. So it does seem that your Jagan is the Dinakaran of AP. This rascal Dinakaran is the worst cancer of Tamil Nadu from the most corrupted Sasikala family.

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    Pleasing the voters with money or goodies is an old age practice in poor and democratic countries and it will only be eradicated when the education level and economical status of people increase. The poor will definitely be fascinated by the small money packet or goodies and will see it simply in return for his vote as he does not know the importance of his voting power. Some of them will be afraid of local goonda elements and will not refuse any such renumeration against their votes.

    In some places they are doing these distributions openly but in some areas due to various reasons they will be doing it silently so that no hue and cry is made by the other parties who are not able to do it or do not have funds to do such dirty tricks of buying votes.

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    People are placing more faith on money than policies and programmes.

    Enforcement agencies so far seized cash, liquor, drugs, gold and other contraband worth 25 billion rupees, already double the value of goods seized in the entire 214 election – Bloomberg reports

    Election festival means millions, bullion and booze……

    Who can give moral and ethical awareness?

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