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    TikTok no more in India!

    TikTok has been banned in India by Madras high court's order in Tamil Naidu. The order has been issued after the court cited that the app encouraged pornography and sexual content that could target the children in the country.

    TikTok was a video sharing app developed by China. It had 120 million subscribers in India. The app had mostly engulfed the young generation of the country and it was rapidly increasing. The app increasingly encouraged indecent and immoral incidents across the length and breadth of the country and we have even lost some youth in the country while making videos from the app. I feel the ban by the court is apt and concern expressed by the court is also appropriate.

    The ban is a huge blow to the developer of the app. After the ban, the app has vanished from google play store and iOS store and users will not be able to download it anymore.

    Therefore, I support the ban, do you?
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    Government is required to appoint a regulatory body to look in to such Applications and its contents. There are scrupulous people who try to indulge in anti social activities.
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    I was so relieved when I heard this news. I hated this app. People were over and misusing it. Now without tik tok people will breathe free. The problem is tik tok did not have any good safety policies. Your videos were easy to access and collaborated with. Anyone could do anything with you. Although that on surface sounds fun, people use it for evil a lot. I have many lewd videos of tik tok myself. But tik tok isn't just a blow to the developers but to the models and social media celebrities who got famous a great deal with this app.
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    It is good that TikTok was banned in India. We should appreciate the Chennai high court for this order. Otherwise many young people and children will get exposed to indecent content and they may get spoiled. Innocent children will not understand what is correct and what is wrong. These days parents have no time to observe all these things and students will get diverted from their studies and focus will get deviated. It may be a blow to app developers, models and social media celebrities but it is a very good decision for the younger generation of the country which will get benefitted by this decision.
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    Its really good news because Lot of young people's was being mad on this app. It should be banned in all over world. Peoples was wasting lot of time in Tik tok I think YouTube is still best vlogger video site which has lot of good things to learn.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    It is a good decision as it was misleading the youths in our country. There are many such luring games and apps which are guiding the youths all across the globe in a wrong direction. I feel that Govt should have a higher level investigation authority who should nip these things in the bud so that they do not reach the larger masses.

    The app makers are earning money from the advertisements and the gullible people and innocent students are falling in its trap.

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