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    Human nature is to judge, but whom to judge?

    It is a basic behavioural pattern of human beings is to assess others. A majority of people love to discuss else's flaws but never peeps into their own. In my opinion, such an attitude complicates life and its relationships.
    It is commendable to judge others when one can help the other person to rectify the flaws, but judging others only for the sake of criticism is unacceptable. There is another side to it: a person must be able to judge oneself first. If every human being learns to assess himself/herself in right earnest, then society would become perfect. What do you say?
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    We should always remember that when we point one finger to other four fingers are pointing at us. It is always necessary that we should introspect ourselves before passing any remarks or judgments against others. Whether we are right or wrong. We should stand as testimony and morally correct , then only we have the right to question others.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    We should understand ourselves first. If any flaws are there in our behaviour we should get them rectified. We should see that there is no mistake in our ways. Then only we should think about others. As a matter of fact, we need not worry about others behaviour and there are people who will be taking care of those people. But if they are trying to interfere in our works we should be able to convey strongly that it is none of his business.
    We can't understand under what pressures and circumstances he is working. But many of us will always have more interest in other's affairs and we always like to comment about others. When two friends meet their discussion will be always about a third person whom both of them know. This is seen everywhere these days and sometimes we will get irritated when we see such people.

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