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    Where do electricity comes for electric buses?

    As in Hyderabad we are having electricity buses as the Central government is giving subsidy to these electric buses but I have a doubt How electric buses are 100% pollution free?Electricity is produced by burning of coal or recycling or hydro electricity through turbines where all these ways of transforming electricity will get pollution the same can be filled in electricity buses then how electric buses are free from pollution?Knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    Electric buses generally use a captive battery bank in the bus which can be removed easily and replaced by other bank whenever it is discharged. To replace it easily, many electric buses have it on the rooftop and it can be replaced in an automated robotic battery exchange station.

    The only problem in electric buses is to regularly exchange these battery banks with the charged ones.

    For example one of the configuration of the batteries (or cells as they are commonly known) is given below -

    Li-polymer cells in 162S4P configuration (162 cells in series and 4 strings in parallel) are used in one battery pack. This is connected to provide an operating voltage of 607.5 V with 80 Ah, and total energy storage capacity of 48.62 kWh.

    80 Ah means that if 20 Ampere current is taken from the battery pack for running the bus then it will run for 4 hours only. So after 4 hours it has to be exchanged. Some buses have an emergency pack of same capacity so that after exchange it always have a back up with it.

    There could be many other configurations depending upon the size of the bus and load capacity.

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    Electric buses will run with a battery specially designed for the running of the buses. These are like rechargeable batteries that are being used by us in our houses for many electrical appliances. Based on the capacity of the battery the distance of running if once it is charged will be known. The battery can be recharged and reused. Like petrol filling stations there will be some stations to recharge the batteries. We can give our battery there and get the charged battery available with them. They charge for that. There are no emissions here. What emissions we have from the battery we use in our torch. Same is the case here also.
    These buses are good at controlling atmospheric pollution through these diesel vehicles. We have many electric scooters and battery operated cars. These vehicles will also have rechargeable batteries specially designed for these vehicles. Scooter batteries you can charge in your house in the nights so that day time you can use it.

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