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    We should always keep a window open in our discussions.

    Different people have different ideologies and convictions. During discussions, people will talk as per their understanding of the subject. It is not necessary that their viewpoints will be the same. Most of the times they will differ.

    Sometimes, people discuss vehemently and condemn each other's views so strongly that the discussion turns into a bitter experience. No one wants to budge an inch from one's position. Everyone is adamant on his own views.

    I feel there is no need to be so offensive and aggressive in our discussions. We can always discuss the things by keeping a window open for some negotiations in understanding the things from a common point of view rather than remaining irrationally attached to our points. Only then will we be able to have a common point of view which is necessary for the progress of the society in a cordial way.

    What do you think about this? What is your opinion?
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    The very purpose of the discussion is to understand the viewpoints of other people and expressing our view and then collectively taking a decision on the go forward. If we are not hearing other's voice and if we are not allowing them to talk there is no necessity of discussions. You can tell the decision and ask them to implement.
    In many private organisations, this is the way the discussions will go. The boss will come and tell his opinion. His followers will say yes. If some people try to air their views nobody will give an ear to them and what the boss says will be implemented. If it is a success, they say he is great. If there is any problem they will try to throw the blame on somebody down the line and say he has not implemented what was told.
    But it is never a healthy practice. Understanding other people's views and if necessary amending our points and implementing the best things will be always advisable for the success.

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    We need to learn how to respect the view points of others. When we do that we can also put forth our view points positively without any confrontation. A healthy discussion on any point or issue is necessary. There are instances where our understanding of the issue may be wrong. In such a situation we should have courage to admit our mistakes. This will help us to develop our personality. Each one may may be right in their own way. But not necessary that our view points should always be accepted by other person.

    I have come across many instances during the meetings, each person stick to their view points and consider it as their prestige issue. The discussion go to such an extent it becomes personal and it is reflected in their relationship. We need to learn the theory of- "agree to disagree"

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    It is quite natural that everyone will have their own viewpoint on a particular issue, but simultaneously everyone should respect the views expressed by others. We discuss issues that need action. Now how the action will be taken depends on a lot of things and those who are involved in taking actions think of it in their own way. The discussion on anything takes place to plan out the action or to sort out the differences between people involved in the matter. Whether it is to plan out the way of doing things or to sort out the differences, the intention is to find out the common thread. If everybody sticks to their own viewpoint, the effort to find out the common thread becomes futile. We must negotiate with others having different views to come to a workable solution.

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    Yes, I agree with the author. In fact, I have personal experience in my threads on mathematical expressions which I always fond in finding with dates, many members either they would come mostly with numerology or with some wrong perception and would say that the finding itself is wrong without giving a try to understand the thread. So my excitement many times went.
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    Having an unbiased discussion or even a constructive argument often does not happen because, in real life, most people try to enforce or repetitively state their own views rather than allowing or respecting the right of the other person to express his or her own views.

    In group discussions or team strategy meets, I've seen some excellent thoughts or ideas die an instant death because to influential or senior members simply do not allow the fresh faces to state their thoughts or view points. The same happens in passionate discussions related to politics and political leaders. What the author has stated is very true and having this 'window' would in many ways reflect the maturity of the people and certainly have more positive outcomes in contrast to constant badgering of one's own ideas on the rest of the group.

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    There is a need of healthy discussions in our life. Discussions leading to confrontations, quarrels and enmity lose their purpose miserably. The main purpose of discussions is to understand each others viewpoint and then find out an optimal solution of the problem. If the discussion process is creating a new fight then it is always better to refrain from such discussions.

    The idea of group discussions and debates is basically to learn more about the subject from each other and then devise ways to incorporate them in the real life. In that case these can be termed as a healthy discussions which are useful for not only for the individual but also for the whole of the society.

    So instead of doing offending and aggressive discussions it is always better to talk with open mind where scope to come back to earlier understandings exist.

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    Yes, I agree with the pals, "Discussion" refers to thoroughly shaking up the subject/topic or a point. Because each individual has their own view, understanding & perception on a particular topic.

    Group discussions may be defined as gathering in which a small number of persons come together face to face and exchange and share their ideas openly. Some of the Purposes of GD is

    (i) To find a solution in a dilemma state of mind while taking a new step (example: What to study next after graduation)

    (ii) To evaluate new ideas or new approaches to solving a problem

    (iii) It enhances confidence in speaking

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    Nimmy, please do not pull up old threads by responding to them.
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