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    In the very first impression we all took it differently but do we feel the difference then?

    The best of the brands in the market have one thing in common that they all have been able to develop with a certain USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in order to increase their share of market capturing but have you ever have thought of about on account of what or have you ever been able to acknowledge about the other side of the picture? May be "yes" or may be "not" but for sure not to its desired depth.

    On the biggest of the advertisements we all are evident of the varied product deals with the inclusion of smiling faces being free of worries with in addition full of happiness giving the customer a fancy outlook of life when the deal is accepted but this is not a complete picture instead the picture goes on with those sales & delivery boys & girls who are being used & executed for a successful business dealings. Perhaps the body language & the facial expressions of those tell the truth of the ground reality that we are unaware of on account of & till the time we gets our deliveries.

    We continue to admire a certain brand in the Banking sector but how often that we feel the importance & respected of those continue to face the wrath & irritation of us & what about those who arranges deliveries to your doorsteps under the sheer whether conditions of hot, cold & rain. No matter what but their one stance & looks clears everything.

    This would be the well accepted fact that these point have been to the discussions in the ISC since long but perhaps we may look to this differently this time.
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    Our idea about a product or a service initially will be something different but over a period of time when we use it more or interact may times our idea about the same will change. Initially, we may get impressed with the advertisements, the packing and the outside appearances. But the movement we purchase or engage the product or service we will understand the exact usefulness and the relevance and the quality will be understood. Then we will decide on whether to continue or not. Once we get addicted to a brand generally, we will not change unless otherwise there is a change in the quality of the product.
    When the new products come into the market they will try to get into the markets of other products and play market strategies. Initially, they may be able to sell some quantity but if the product is not really good they will not get the repeat orders. All depends on the actual performance of the product but other aspects may be temporary. Of course, always we should expect the quality of the product in proportion to the price we pay.

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    All products have some design and specifications. When a new product is launched, it is advertised in different ways and it is not so easy for a new product to get a good market share instantly. If the customers find it good and within their purchasing capability its sales pick up. Unless you use the product how do you know whether it is useful or not? To make a good impression, the packing and the get-up is very important and the quality must be good. But if you get enticed by the get-up and upon purchasing it if it is found that the product is not worthy are you going to purchase it the second time?

    So, you can easily make a difference after using the product. It is not possible to guess the taste of food just by seeing its colour. To get an idea, you must taste it and if you like it then only you will try it again and tell others about it. It is not possible to tell the nature of a product unless it is consumed.


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    Company's compete with each other in marketing their products. The Company's use adverting and marketing campaign effectively to sell their product and services. It is quite natural for the Company's to highlight the USP's of their product and services. The Company's are also held responsible for quality of the products and services and liable for penalties towards poor quality or deficiency of service.
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