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    What should be the quality of speech of a good quality politician?

    We have heard the speeches of politicians from a public platform. There are different types of politicians with different types of speech. Some speak at high pitch, some are low, some increases and decreases their pitch, some use decent words. some abuses with indecent language. some are sober. some are natural, some are artificial, some needs a script, some struggles and blinks to find words without any flow of language, some elaborates, some are brief.

    According to you, what should be the quality of speech of a good quality politician?

    Also, mention the names of the best public speakers among the politicians present in India, and why.
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    A good politician will be able to talk in such a way that all the voters will get interested in him and at least think of him when he is going to vote. He should say what were his commitments in his previous encounter and how many of them he fulfilled and why he was not able to fulfil the remaining points. He should also spell out his priorities this time if he wins the election. He should talk very clearly and he should be able to pass on the message he wanted to give to all the people. He should be understood by the most illiterate person who attended the meeting. But what we are seeing today is entirely different. He will spend most of the time blaming the other parties only. They will go on blaming the candidate contesting from the other side.
    The politicians should not think that the voters are fools. They can't say whatever they like. The promises he is making should be reasonable and should be implemented.

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    I like politicians who speak in a decent, obedient and clear way without insulting opponents. I find Mr.Rajiv Gandhi speaks in such a soft way. I think because of this only people got attracted to him. I don't like politicians who speak in a dramatic, inobedient, arrogant, using harsh tone and insulting opponents in their speeches. On that basis I don't like Mr.Modi's speeches. In the past leader's what I heard Mr.Nehru's speeches are very attractive. Past PM's Mr.P.V. Narasimha Rao, Mrs.Indira Gandhi or Mr.Singh's speeches are not attractive but they are very decent speeches.

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    Speech of a politician depends on the occasion and event. A speech in Parliament or Assembly will be on a particular subject. A good speaker should have thorough knowledge of the subject and also good presentation skills. We used to listen to the speech of Late Atal Bihari Vajapayee. The speeches were filled with very useful contents which we love to watch again and again. The other leaders like Pranab Mukherjee, Dr. S Jaipal Reddy, L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Arjun Singh etc. Now of course Narendra Modi.
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    I like the only speech of a great politician who was five time Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. This tall leader known as Kalaignar in Tamil, was the best public speaker. I have not seen any other leader like him. He maintains the same level of attractive speech with clarity without any variation in tone, and with a cheerful face. He never delivered an annoying speech. If anyone hears him, they would appreciate him and say I am not wrong. A speaker like him is yet to take birth.

    I like Nehru, and Rajiv, but not Rahul. Even Indiraji used to shout. I also don't like Modi or any other BJP leaders. I like Chidambaram's soft speech.

    Most of the leaders today are shouting leaders. They think their loud voice would reach the public, in fact not.

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    Most importantly the people should understand what the politician meant to say. If a politician behaves in an arrogant way, many in the crowd may cheer him but that reaction is impulsive. Just like the politician, there are many in the crowd who have the same attitude of being arrogant and from them, we hear the applause. Nowadays, most of the time politicians remain busy making allegations against the opponents hence the main thing remains hidden from the public. I like those speeches that have depth in it. It must have some meaning and not any kind of false promises. The voice must have conviction through which the audience can get some confidence. I like the speech of Late A B Vajpayee. He was a good orator and his intention was clear. During elections, our PM Narendra Modi becomes very arrogant at times, otherwise, I like his speeches in general.

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    The speech of a leader can be divided broadly in two parts. One is the content and then there is the language. Both are very important as the content is the essence for future planning and language is the matter of etiquette and manners.

    Any leader who uses an offensive and aggressive language with personal remarks is not a good leader. He is only a fighter who is simply provoking others to fight and create disorder in the place whether it is parliament or the corner of a street. Such leaders do not deserve the position they sometimes get in a system.

    A good leader will never talk in a narrow sense. He should be a visionary to see the future of country and his policies and actions should be oriented in that direction. His speech should not provoke the local people to go against the central Govt. That is cheap politics for shorter gains.

    It is difficult to see such good leaders today but as a citizen that is our expectation.

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    People make opinion about a leader from his speech and actions and in this respect the speech is a very important part and a leader should give a balanced and honest speech which should also match with his actions later otherwise he will lose his creditability.
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    A good politician committed to the welfare of the public need not necessarily be a good orator. His actions speak for themselves. In whichever manner the politician speaks, the public will understand if the politician is an honest one.
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