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    Why political leaders are silent in this issue?

    Sometimes I feel shameful that I have born in this country as a woman. Whether it os social life, working life, student life or political life, the woman became so cheap! So cheap that any tom dick harry comes on stage and say whatever he feel so?

    I am talking about Azam khan the political leader. I really don't know if he has women in his family before he said the such uncivilized words for Jaya prada? The most shocking part is he has not been booked for such shamless speech!. The more schocking part is the political leaders who are keeping mum on this subject why?

    I am not talking about any religion, party or cast. I am talking about the langiage which is used for a woman. For that there has to be some punishment by the Election commissioner.

    I hope leaders should not go so down that the people of India lose their mind and beat them on the road.

    Whether you are Muslim or Hindu, you are born by a woman. You must not forget when you open your mouth next time.
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    Have you heard of about how he has referred to PM Modi & to the Indian army as well? And therefore pl. don't discriminate on him with any specific comment on the basis of sex or anything because its his opportunism faith that he is involved with all those.

    It's good to ignore him then or if you want to teach him a lesson then don't support anyone who are in support of him right now & he will die peacefully by itself. See the choice still is yours.

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    Jaya Prada-ji is going to WREST Rampur from that communal, obscene and corrupt politician. The entire pseudo intelligentsia group has understood this very well. So, the members of this group are observing silence.

    But ECI and the Supreme Court must order immediate ARREST of this communal and obscene politician immediately and put him behind the bar.

    Latest update: The communal and obscene politician has now been stating that he did not mean Jaya Prada-ji.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    We can understand the sentiments and concerns of the Author. But one case of Mr. Azam Khan should not be blot on Indian Culture. Indian culture always teaches and practices respect for woman. Mr. Azam khan is a habitual offender in making irresponsible statements. It also very sad to note that the party leaders do not take any corrective action.

    These people derive sadistic pleasure by creating such controversies. They should be brought to books and socially boycotted so that they do not venture in to such acts in future.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    It is quite deplorable that such politicians are representing the people of this country. They should be behind bars and never be allowed to contest elections or to hold any post in any party. They are a threat to democracy but surprisingly people elect them too. The problem is we will find such leaders in almost every political party and thus nobody is protesting against Azam Khan's shameless behaviour. The EC has imposed a 48 hours campaign ban on Azam Khan and they thought only this much is sufficient. Actually, the EC was prodded to do so by the apex court which seemingly took a jibe at the EC for being 'toothless' and later expressed satisfaction over its action against Azam Khan and a few other heavyweight leaders for violation of MCC. This type of shameless behaviour by politicians is witnessed during the last few years and it is on the rise.

    The EC is a constitutional body and from the punishment meted out to these politicians it is understood that they are unable to clean the democratic system in any way. Thus, I feel the apex court must step in to save the country from such type of leaders.


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    It is really a shameful affair. It is thos kind of people who are going to rule this country and we are all under the governance of such bad people. If the same trend continues the Nation will have to suffer a lot. The voters should understand the sentiments and should not vote for such man irrespective of Party, religion, caste or creed. But unfortunately, our voters are having their own preferences. People who swallowed thousands of crores of rupees are contesting for CM post and people who have scant respect for ladies are contesting for MP and they may become ministers also.
    The CEO who should see that the politicians should follow the code of conduct. Otherwise, he should take action in a suitable way. But that is not happening. A CM who uses very bad words about a particular religion will not be even questioned. Things should change. Otherwise, we all will be experiencing a very bad future.

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    At times, leaders exceed their limit and attack their opposition candidate knowingly and unknowingly. After attacking Jayaprada with Khaki wear, now he denies by saying that he did not mean her. But it is fully evident from his speech that he meant Jayapradha only. Jayapradha has given a fitting reply. And this is time for EC to act against that stupid guy. He should be barred from contesting the election.
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    Even after taking into account the rapidly deteriorating standard of Indian politicians, this particular politician is infamous for his dirty mindset and dirty, irresponsible, communal and anti-Indian comments.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    And these people are going to be our leader. They are such shameless leaders they should have been barred from contesting the polls. And we expect them to be in the custodian of our interests. This election has been some more uncivilized during election campaigns and I surprised the way things are progressing in the country. Even if this man wins, there won't be much difference on the ground as for his language is concerned. If he doesn't respect women he can't respect anyone. And such a leader should be shown the door and bid them forever!

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    There are many such misogynists in public life who pass lewd and unacceptable comments against women and get away with it. It is ridiculous that people even clap when such personal, vile statements are made. Things would change when each parent party acts tough and suspends such members even before the election commission or social media begins to condemn such embarrassing leaders. It would be a fitting reply if she wins the election.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Politics is a strange place where people have affiliations and apprehensions with each other as well as political parties and in that scenario they take sides.

    In this case also same thing has happened. People are not coming up in open to condemn this. These are the same people who gather and lead a candle march and do flower offerings on smaller issues. This shows our selective style of condemning the things happening in society. This is a very disappointing and bad trend and in fact exposing the various groups in our country who are silent on this and waiting for others to protest.

    The incident was very unfortunate but the silence of the elite and celebrity groups of our country is hurting more.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have also taken a note of this apathy even by the women in this country especially the bollywood celebrities.

    So, people are really afraid of the goonda element and do not want to involve and I think that is the biggest weakness in the society today.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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