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    Can celebrities endorsing products held responsible for poor quality of the product?

    Most of the products and services in the market are endorsed by celebrities from the fields of Cricket, cinema etc. These popular stars endorse the products through the advertisement campaigns in medias for which the Company's spend huge money. I am sure the endorsement by these stars has tremendous impact on the marketing and business. When it comes to the quality of the products endorsed by these celebrities can they be made accountable for the poor quality of the product or deficiency of service?
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    No. The celebrities might take an undertaking from the product manufacturer and the advertiser that they are not responsible for the poor products.
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    It seems to us that the celebrities are endorsing those products but in reality, they are just promoting the products. Celebrities have a mass appeal which is used by the manufacturers to promote the product thinking that this will increase the sale of the products. As Mr Sun has said in his reply @ #662810, I also think there is an undertaking from the celebrities regarding the quality of the products.

    What I feel is since the celebrities have a mass appeal they should not advertise for products that are of inferior quality. They should check and if possible use those products to satisfy themselves about the quality of those products. They should remember they also have a responsibility towards society and should not shamelessly campaign for the products because of money. I used the term shameless because I find a few celebrities endorsing some products which do not go well with their images. They have enough money and if they do not promote those products it is not going to alter their economic conditions. By doing these kinds of promotions, I think they are losing their images to some extent.


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    Celebrities are generally very careful about these things and most of the times they will only sponsor the branded products. The high priced branded products are generally good quality as they have a quick exchange policy in case the customer is not satisfied with a particular piece.

    So even if the quality of that particular product decreases, the celebrity has nothing to do with it as he or she has already taken the sponsorship amount in advance for a particular contract period and if the quality deteriorates he or she will not extend the contract further.

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    Generally, my feeling is that a good product need not go for too much advertisement. Initially, when the product is being introduced into the market some advertisement is required to get the market picked up. But afterwards if the manufacturer is maintaining the same quality their brand image is sufficient and no advertisement by celebrities is required. That is what Kalyan Jewellers is doing. They never went for a big celebrity for their advertisement. Only the MD of the company is being appeared for adds on TV. But their sales are very high.
    All celebrities want money and name for them. By making some short video showing them for various product may be beneficial to be near to the people and they will earn money. But, we can' go for those products simply by seeing them. See and enjoy but don't come to an understanding of quality without using the product on your own.No advertiser will give guarantee in writing. It is the people who have to decide whether to use or not.

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