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    A confused mind is prone to fall into traps

    There are advertisements everywhere. Some are quite interesting which will make you look at them, there are a few which are misleading and you will find some advertisements trying to proclaim how genuine they are. They may say that they are the only one providing certain service or products and their authenticity cannot be questioned. Beware of these types of advertisements. There are many such advertisements which are duping customers in some way and one must verify everything before finalizing a deal. The advertisements of astrologers or gems are some of those kinds and you can say there is no easy way to find out who is cheating.

    When people are in trouble and cannot find ways they become confused and fall prey to those advertisements. Some may be selling certain products that you have heard in mythologies but never found anywhere in the market and you can be easily cheated if you fall in their trap. Be aware; when you are confused, take help from friends or relatives. When the mind is confused it is prone to make wrong decisions. Always read the complete advertisement very carefully, misleading advertisements can have many loopholes that a confused mind cannot easily identify.
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    A gullible person with confused mind is the best target for materializing any marketing or selling attempt and it is because of these people that some businesses are thriving without having any edge in their product. Another category of people who are helping the business houses to make money are fashion oriented and as well as want to flaunt their status and money.

    A confused mind is a havoc in life as at every juncture it will be in a indecisive state. The person will be seeing the options one by one but will not be able to stick to one and see the result. Many people suffer with this indecisiveness and seek the help of family members or friends or neighbours or colleagues for help to find the correct path. Even after getting an advice they will cross check it with other people only to get more and more confusion.

    Quick decision making is an art and an inherent quality which some people possess and they take bigger risks also in taking bold and big decisions but when they succeed everyone praises them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    True. When we are in a confused state we will prone to take wrong decisions. For example, if we are not able to decide in which saving scheme we have to invest and if this is known to a particular insurance agent he will definitely take advantage of our situation and try to say that his product is the best product and chances are high that we will get deceived.
    Same is the case with these advertisements. We shouldn't take these advertisements as genuine. As far as I am concerned I never go by the advertisements. I will never see them also. I will go by the reviews of the product that will appear on the internet with the product or I will ask my friends before taking a decision.
    Actually, the competition in the market is increasing and that is making the manufacturers go for false propaganda which will make the people have a false impression and go for those products initially.

    always confident

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    Confusion is the worst thing in our life. It creates the indecisiveness and ruins our future. Sometime, more options having similar weight confuse us and we are not able to take a decision.

    If we want to succeed in life, we must avoid confusion at any cost.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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