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    Would it be possible for you to live without the Internet?

    The reply could be "yes" or this could even be "no" but for most of us this seems less possible to imagine the life without the internet with you laptop or with your mobile. The dependencies on the internet is so much penetrated into our lives that even the cable connections has got with lesser meanings because of Android TVs.

    For few the entertainment matters & for others the educational technical information can be useful while the rest may lead to garbage while the others are kept busy with the online financial transactions. We are so much occupied with this that even few times of not connectivity we began to feel lonely & became impatient.

    Imagine when accidently you discontinued with this services then what?
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    The people who born in the 1960s and 1970s spent their lives till recently without internet. As far as I am concerned I started using the internet in the year 2003. At that time I was aged about 45 years. Till such time I didn't have the internet either in my office, in my factory or at my house. I started using a mobile also in that year only. Before that, I was having a landline at my house, in my office and in my factory. But within these 15 years of usage, it has become a very important requirement and without that, it is not possible to complete my work daily.
    Everything is online these days. If there is no internet for an hour immediately we will put on our hotspot in our smartphone and we start opening the sites. These days the data has also become very cheap and we need not hesitate to use that. If the service is withdrawn all the people have to go back to the 1980s and 1990s and all the works should be carried out like we were doing those days. But it is very unlikely and if the internet is withdrawn some other source will evolve as this is the era of science and technology.

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    Internet is the lifeline today. Without this, one can not think of life.

    When we were students we used to read magazines and story books and we could not think life at that time without those things. Today internet has replaced everything.

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    Today we are living in the web of internet. It is everywhere. It is present around us 24/7. We are doing everything in it. If something can not be done there we do not know where to go. It has become an integral part of our life.

    So, the thing is simple that now we can not live without it. The future of internet is unknown but the technical experts say that you can manage your devices, household items and other gadgets from any locality in the world. Appears surprising but that time is not far when we simply operate from remote locations and our work is done at some other location.

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    There is no doubt that we have lived without internet. Similarly we have also lived without electricity , Telephone , Television and many more electronic gadgets. The technological advancement has taken us forward an d there is no word of going back. The technology has simplified our life. Internet has facilitated communication faster and made the world very small.

    The presence of internet is everywhere. Education, business, social media etc. Internet has become part and parcel of our life.

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    When you are habituated of using something on a regular basis, you will experience difficulties if you cannot use it for some time. As many members have already said that the internet is now an integral part of our life and its hard to imagine life without it. Everything is depending on it and even it is used to store data also. A huge amount of data of our daily transactions are stored in the cloud and that is not possible without the internet. There are many people who do not use smart mobile devices or a computer and for them, it may not be a necessity but for the rest, it is unthinkable to lead a life without the internet.

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    It is really difficult to live without the internet these days. The internet has become an important tool to keep everything intact these days. Without internet, it seems to be in the stone age. We often face internet ban in our state and it badly affects every one of us especially students. Internet here becomes the first casualty when anything unexpected happens here.

    Without the internet, life becomes dull and rumours increase. People indulge in gossips and fairy tales. It seems everything has come to a halt when there is no internet. You may have everything around but if the internet is not working you feel restless, I have often faced this situation.

    In this technologically advanced world when everything depends on the internet, it seems outdated when it is blocked due to some reasons. In this informative world, the internet is the most fundamental source of information. It is handy and without straining too much people get updated. Life without the internet is difficult.

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