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    How and when did you start earning on isc?

    I am new to isc. I've till now posted some 5 responses and 2 articles (1 got rejected and the other is pending). I would like to know how you earn on isc because my points are increasing but earning is zero- no change. So can you share your experience?
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    Earnings will come slowly. First, you should improve your writings skills and should be able to write good articles. Then you will get more money. Like me, if you participate only in the Forum, you will not get good earnings. If you want good earnings you should contribute articles and you should contribute to the job section. Ask Experts questions if you read and try to answer you may get some money. But you have to spend a lot of time to understand the question and study the subject and give the best answer you can give. You may get a little money there.
    I joined in 2007. But I discontinued and again started active participation from January 2017. On average I may be spending 3 to 4 hours a day on this site and maximum earnings are around Rs. 1500/- only per month. But people who are spending time on other sections may be getting more.
    So concentrate on all the sections and try to spend more time. Then you may get some earnings.

    always confident

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    This is a question which is always asked by a new member not only in ISC but everywhere in other sites where some earning potential is there.

    There was a time when internet boom was there and people used to earn good amount everywhere whether is was a site like Youtube or ISC or Wordpress or Hubpages or survey site.

    Unfortunately, that time has gone in oblivion as the bright past and today the earnings have dwindled much as rates of payment or renumerations are drastically reduced.

    Now coming to the ISC, here you can earn two types of points one is normal point and other is cash point (cc).

    You can earn cc in various sections like article, ask expert, job posting, information update and monthly contests and awards. So you have to participate in many activities to earn these cash credits (cc).

    Those members who are able to earn a respectable amount say 600 cc or more are asked to submit an invoice and after that the amount is sent to their bank.

    Those members who are very active can get the payment time to time but those who are slow and participating in few activities may earn a small amount say 20 cc or 60 cc in a month. With such a low activity it will take almost a year or more for their first payment.

    But do not see ISC from that angle. It is a place to learn creative writing and horn your skills of English language. If you continue that for 1-2 year you will be able to earn some money every month.

    There are many members here who have not earned for a long time but with sustained efforts today they have started earning slowly and steadily.

    Everywhere in internet the basic rule and guideline is same that till you accumulate some good amount say Rs 500 or more in your account you will not be paid. The earning will remain in your account till you reach a threshold level and then only the site administrator will ask you to submit an invoice.

    So concentrate on submitting good quality material in ISC and improve your knowledge and slowly you will see the fruits of your efforts.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Better you change your target of earning I mean you need to change your purpose. You try to achieve Gold level and apply for google adsense from here then your real earning will start . If you think only earning from ISC then you can get pocket money only and you really need to do very hard work.

    I mostly work here to become active on ISC and my target is to achieve some thing from google adsense. You can search more on google about adsense to proceed.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    It is a genuine doubt that appears in the minds of all the newbies of ISC. We cannot earn quick money from ISC, but we are sure to earn for our contributions. Cash can be earned easily only through Article section. Every article that you submit will fetch you some cash. The cash earned get accumulated in your account. It will be paid only after you accumulate a certain amount of Cash Credit. You will get your initial payment of Rs, 300/- when your accumulated CC crosses Rs. 300/-. Thereafter, you will be paid only if you cross Rs.600/- or 700/- limit.

    Don't get disappointed if you are not earning any CC for your posts and responses in the Forum section. Forum cannot fetch you cash. But you can participate in Active GD and contests to win cash prizes. Your consistent efforts to make points would also help you to earn Revenue Share Bonus.

    No life without Sun

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    If you see the tag line of ISC it is - Learn to earn, Earn to learn!

    So, if you are an established writer, you can earn from day one but if you have come here to learn then it is a long long journey when you first learn which can take a considerable time may be a few years and then only you use that professional creative skill and knowledge to monetise for earning. The interesting thing is after that proficiency you can even go to other sites in internet where earning potentials are there and earn as per your ability.

    So, ISC is a unique side in the sense that it accepts and welcomes you to try and learn all sort of online activities here till you become proficient in creative writing or other tasks here which are equally remunerative. ISC does not charge any fee for giving you such a learning atmosphere which is so conducive to acquiring knowledge and sky is the only limit here for those who are really serious to learn and then subsequently earn in the internet arena including ISC.

    So, stay here for a longer period and learn the things and enhance your skills and knowledge and the the potential to earn will automatically emerge there. Of course it requires patience and persistence. Please remember that every activity meant for our progress and development needs a continuous patience and persistence in our life.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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    You said one article was rejected and the other is pending. You have to find out the reason behind rejection. There must be some policy violations or other issues that have to be taken care of. As most of the members have wonderfully described in their replies about the earning aspect, I will not go into it and would say to concentrate on the work. Do not think only of money. Go through different articles posted by members and also go through the forum posts that earned some CCs and try to guess how different those are from the posts that didn't get CCs. Go through different sections and when there is a confusion go through the help topics. Slowly you will be able to pick up things and then you can earn money depending on your contribution. Try learning different things on this website and then the earning will start automatically.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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