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    We may not play cricket at ISC, but can play Jallikattu at ISC. Come On!

    Dear fellow ISCian,
    We have had played many ISC Jallikattu in the past and enjoyed the game. They were interesting. Now let us have the bullfight to get the right TWELVE bulls. The method of playing Jallikattu is the same as was for the earlier Jallikattu with little modification.

    The TWELVE bulls in jumbled order are:
    1. MIN_
    2. B_LL
    3. PAI_
    4. DR_W
    5. T_ME
    6. MAI_
    7. CLU_
    8. DEA_
    9. SPOO_
    10. PAT_
    11. _ASTE
    12. R_SH

    @ Here is a clue to get all the bulls easily. All the filled missing alphabet of all the bulls, if put in order, would form the name of a Great Indian with extra hair (His last name omitted)

    Members, While submitting your answer, please do not (do not) mention the name of the Great Indian that has helped you to get all the correct bulls.

    Wish you all the best. Winners will get the title " Best ISC Jallikattu Bull fighter'
    Last date: 24th April 2019 (1200 hrs IST).

    You have no time to play cricket at ISC, but you can play Jallikattu easily.
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    1. MINK 2.BAll 3. PAID 4.DRAW
    5. TAME 6.MAIM 7. CLUB 8. DEAL
    9. SPOOL 10. PATA 11. PASTE 12. RUSH

    These are my answers.

    always confident

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    I feel that you are finding it tough to get the bulls with the clue given.

    Additional clue: My extra hair means long hair and a long beard. Hope it will help you to find the person and the right bulls. It is a long name from which the last name omitted.

    No life without Sun

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    Member, I created this fun thread with great interest and found no interest in our members. Today is the last day as announced by me.

    @Dr. Rao, Can you tell us the name of the great Indian with whose help you found the bulls?

    No life without Sun

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    Based on the description You have given I thought he is Abdul Kalam. APJ. Last name is not there you have given and hence I worked out ABDUL KALAM AP. Now you are telling Long Beard also. But as far as I know, KALAM Ji is not having a beard. So I might be wrong. Winning is not important but attempting and trying for the win is important. I have done it.
    always confident

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    Dr Rao,
    Abdul Kalam is incorrect. He is APJ Abdul Kalam, In no way it matches the 12 bulls.

    Dear Members,
    It is Rabindranath (Tagore) Omitting the last name Tagore, there are 12 alphabets in Rabindranath. He has his extra grown long hair and a long beard. Highly disappointed with only one participant to fight the bulls and win the Jallikattu.

    I am losing interest in my creative fun activities. The Pity is - Member bees home on to cash winning contests only.

    I am deeply

    No life without Sun

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