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    Members, Give a one word answer to my question related to Mahabharath.

    Without any explanation in detail, just answer my one simple question on Mahabharatha.

    The question is - What was the tactical screen ( war plan) in which Abhimanyu s/o Arjuna was trapped and killed by the Kaurava Sena. Choose the correct answer from the following four answers.

    A. Chakra Vyug
    B. Garuda Vyug
    C. Padma Vyug
    D. Sarpa Vyug
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    It is Padma Vyug. We will call it in Telugu as Padmavyuham.

    This Padma Vyuham was planned by Dronacharya. Abhimanyu knows only entering into it but doesn't know how to come back. He died in this Padma Vuyha and Kauravas killed him by deceiving him and the unfair practices in wars started from the day of Abhimanyu's killing.

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    Mr Rao,
    I simply asked the members to choose an answer and post without any detailed explanation. That's all. You should abide by the author's special request. You have stubbornly maintained your statement in the other thread. Hence I raised this special thread to get the answer from other knowledgeable members, not from you as you hold on to say only one answer.

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    You can call it no problem SUN.
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    Its Chakra Vyug
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    Padma Vyug
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    Is there a need to bring up the same point again? The issue here is already under discussion in this thread. A request to other members could have been posted in that thread itself.

    This thread may be unlocked if the author wishes to shift this point of discussion here and concentrate on the 'Modi-Bheeshma' comparison there.

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