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    Jet Airways now being close . What do you think?

    Jet Airways now being close . What do you think how can they start it again? Lot of people start facing problem for flight as we know Jet airways was best option for India and service of Jet airways was best.

    Do you think they will be able to start flight again and will solve problem soon. Lot of peoples careers is on risk and loosed jobs.
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    Jet airways was a professionally managed airlines and soon after its inception it became the number one in India.

    Jet airways maintained it's service quality but due to cut throat war of reducing fares between the various airlines, it start to lose on the profit side. It could not curtail it's expenditure and at the same time could not increase the fares as that would lead to decrease in passenger numbers.

    These are the main reasons why it could not meet it's expenditure and repay the bank loans.

    Now it is closed for the time being till someone bails out it from its present position. Some party should come up to purchase it along with its liabilities and the question is who will take that risk?

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    It is a big blow to such a reputed airlines. They were doing pretty good but some wrong business decisions probably done this big harm to the once great company. Now banks will like to realize the loan amount by selling the aircrafts.
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    Business will have ups and downs. We have seen many business houses, Company's flourish and perish. We are talking about Jet Airways a private sector Company. Look at BSNL which is owned by Government of India. the unethical business of Reliance has fatally killing BSNL and MTNL. Similarly ITI Ltd has also suffered due to change of economic policies of the Government, cut throat competition by the private sector Companies and huge social overheads on the Public Sector Companies.
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    We can see Achche Din once again with Jet Airways occupying the airspace. Though I don't travel by air, my son and daughter are regular fliers of Jet Airways. Through them, I could understand the quality of Jet Airways. They are saying that one of the best Airways has come to stand still.
    @ Jet Airways Kaa Achche Din Aayegaa, probably after the formation of new government.

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    In this situation, as long as someone is not coming forward to help out the airlines there is no chance for resuming operations. The cash-strapped airlines, ones a number one carrier in India, is unable to manage the show now due to various reasons. The problem with the airlines started some time ago when the management told the employees to accept a cut in their salaries. The reason cited was the cutthroat competition in the sector along with rising prices of crude oil. The company thought that this salary cut will somehow lower its burden and it can maintain the usual fleet. The company was already debt-ridden and it suffered consecutive losses in a few quarters earlier. Maybe the company couldn't take the appropriate decision to overhaul its business plan and it came to a standstill now. In this competitive market, many new airlines are planning to venture in the Indian market and I hope some of them or a consortium may come forward to help out this embattled carrier.

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    Once a number one and now a cash crunch, this airline has been the worst hit. And mostly its employees are also hit. Unable to continue the business due to due to unavailability of funds, it shut all its operation. Passengers once were enjoying the journey in jet airlines now is down and helplessly craving for help. But I think no one will be ready to come to its rescue!

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    The cut throat competition to cut the prices beyond a reasonable level would impact the entire Bussiness of the air lines. What is needed at this juncture is to have a meeting of all the existing airlines operating on both the route domestic and International ones to review the positions periodically so that spiralling cost of the fleets could be contained analysing the different situations which could push up expenditures beyond their hands.
    Cut throat completions are essential to occupy the respectable positions in terms of cash - collections apart from popularity that it would earn from the customers segments.
    Hence now is the oppurtune time to take assessment of the overhaul situations and act swiftly so that they could remain operational.

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    I think slowly other companies will occupy Jet airways and after some times it will fully close. Some people also saying that they will recover and start Jet airways operation soon. It may take 6 month to become everything fine.
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    Today hear one news that Jet airways peoples who is working in that company collected 3000 crore rs to come out from these problems I hope things will be ok after some time.
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