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    Is it right to have a revert option in electronic voting machine when a person press wrong button ?

    Errors are in human nature! In UP elections one of the person press a wrong button to cast a vote in the elections (as he wants to vote for B.S.P but he cast his vote for B.J.P) and emotionally he cut his finger for pressing the wrong button. there are so many people who did this is it correct to have a revert option for at least one time.Knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.

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    The voting machine , EVM contains the name of the candidate and symbol of the party or the candidate. Therefore the voters should not have a confusion regarding the party name BSP or BJP. The election commission has given elephant as symbol for BSP and lotus for BJP. Therefore the voters cannot claim that they have wrongly voted. There is no option to revert after confirmation of the coting.
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    Technically it can be done with modified machines and advanced softwares. Only thing is whether it is required or not. Generally people will not do any mistake in voting as everything is clear on the EVM machine.

    If one out of thousands of people do this mistake then no one will agree to modify the machine for that one careless voter. So, practically there is no scope for such a modification at the present juncture.

    In fact, people are talking of going back to manual ballot papers and are discarding the use of EVM due to possible electronic hacking and electronics and electrical bugs.

    So when people at large have a feeling to go backwards, there will not be any use of advanced mechanism.

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    Once pressed is pressed. Death is death and no resurrection possible. Before going to the election booth, one should make up his/her mind, and remember the symbol he/she is going to vote. If they are short-sighted, should use spectacles. A revert button might help to play foul by the booth staff, and doubts would be created.

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    It is not required. It will add to the existing confusion regarding the EVM. I think people will not do such grave mistakes in voting. It looks ridiculous.
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    Why a person will press the wrong button in the EVM? And how would the other know that she/he pressed the wrong button? If I say I pressed the wrong button, what it indicates? It indicates that I am absolute careless and voting is a mere casual affair to me. There cannot be any wrong button in the EVMs. If somebody is not clear about the operations of the EVM, she/he must take prior help before casting the vote.

    Something wrong can happen only if you press the button indicating candidate A but candidate B gets the vote as indicated by the light beside the name of the candidate. To stop this, VVPAT is used from where you can check whether the button you pressed went for the intended candidate.


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    Earlier days when ballot papers were used, we used to put a stamp on the sign for which we want to vote and we used to fold it the manner described the polling officer. If we do the folding in a wrong way the stamp is getting pasted on the other symbol also. Such votes are becoming invalid. Even then they were not being offered another ballot paper. But in case of a mistake by the voter, the vote is going to a wrong candidate. We can't do anything on such issues. Nobody should be given another chance. Once you start giving a second chance, everyone will say I have done it by mistake and he may vote for the same party.
    Already there are many complaints about these machines and if introduce an addition to that complications will further increase and complaints will further increase. So no such attempt is good for the voting process. If a voter has voted wrongly we can't do anything. He has been given a chance to vote and he has not utilised it properly and there should not be another chance for anybody.

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