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    Are errors or mistakes are only Human nature!

    So many people says errors are Human nature but if you think deeply errors are not only human nature even it will extend to birds and animals.As animals fell in to prey into its fellow animals by doing mistakes.As Birds can do some mistakes and fall in to the cage.Do you agree errors or mistakes are not only human nature it is there in Animals too...Knowledgeable members, respond to the question
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    Errors or mistakes are committed by humans, very often. If a mistake/ error is committed the reaction will be, 'it is only human'. This comment is for justifying the mistake. In fact no one is willingly doing a mistake.
    In fact, most of the people who commit mistakes are willing to correct it, if pointed out. (I am sorry to point out a mistake in the title of this thread; the second 'are' is not necessary there.)
    Animals do make mistakes very often. They mistakenly approach something thinking it as a prey. Very often they recognise the mistake while consuming. Like this several examples can be pointed out.


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    All living beings commit mistakes. But as far as we know, only the mammals have such developed brains that they can understand at a later stage that earlier they committed mistakes.

    Other animals do not even have the concept of mistake.

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    It is the human consciousness that we easily find the mistakes done by us and try to correct them in future. We learn by experience.

    Animals do it without any consciousness. They do not understand what they are doing. So they will repeat it number of times.

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    Humans are the most intelligent species on earth and they can differentiate between right and wrong. They can understand what is a mistake and can rectify it later. Yes, animals also do mistakes but they cannot differentiate or rectify it later. Maybe at that moment after trying for some time if they do not get the result they try things in a different way, but that is for that moment only. In a different situation, they will repeat the same thing. For example, think of the situation when a mirror is kept in front of an animal. It will keep trying in many ways to meet its shadow face to face but after being unsuccessful it will leave the place. If the mirror is kept at a different place, the same animal will do the same thing there also. They will try many times but won't succeed. They are not as smart as humans and since mistakes can be rectified by humans, maybe that's why we say that humans are prone to mistakes.

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    No one is perfect in this world. We all commit mistakes time to time. We learn from them and try not to repeat them. That is experience. During the learning process we commit mistakes and learn from them and proceed ahead. Mistakes are the result of indecisiveness and lack of judgement.

    There is nothing serious about making mistakes. It happens with everyone. What is important is learn lessons from it and not to repeat it. It means we should seriously analyse the reasons of our mistakes and understand the root cause as why we committed them. This is essential otherwise we might repeat them unintentionally.

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    Yes. Anybody can do a mistake but correcting it and not repeating them, again and again, is the way we have to do in our lives. A bird may or may not understand that what it has done is a correct or mistake. But a human being should understand by himself or learn from somebody else and couldn't do again. That is the correct way.
    When we do something there are chances for committing some mistakes. For that reason, we can't sit lazily without doing anything. So we all should know how to correct our mistakes and should not be in the habit of doing mistakes always.

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