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    Let's discuss: Indian Cricket team for the World Cup to be held in England

    What are your views of the national cricket team selected for the World Cup 2019? Do you think this team is having players which will bring home the trophy?

    The Indian Cricket Team for the World Cup 2019 has been announced. The team includes the following players:

    Virat Kohli (Captain), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Vijay Shankar, MS Dhoni (Wicket-keeper), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, KL Rahul, Dinesh Karthik (Wicket-keeper).

    So, far as the team is concerned, the inclusion of Kedar Jadhav, Vijay Shankar, Hardik Pandya, and Ravindra Jadeja as all-rounders is an excellent move. I still remember that in the 1983 World Cup (held in England), the inclusion of all-rounders like Madanlal, Rojer Bini, Kirti Azad, and Mohinder Amarnath gave India very rich dividends. This time also the World Cup is being held in England and inclusion of these all-rounders may prove beneficial for the team.

    The batting and bowling departments are properly balanced. I support the exclusion of Ambati Rayudu. He comes to bat at No. 4 or No. 5. These two positions are very crucial for accelerating the run rate or for successful run-chase in ODIs. Rayudu, on the other hand, is a batsman of Test Cricket mold. He bats solidly but his strike rate never crosses 100. He is almost 33 and is not a great fielder. He doesn't bowl. So, Vijay Shankar, Kedar Jadhav or Hardik Pandya will be a much better choice as No. 4 or No. 5.

    But, I don't support the inclusion of Dinesh Karthik as the second wicket-keeper or KL Rahul as the reserve opener. The first wicket-keeper of the team is MSD, the trusted wicket-keeper, and a batsman who has been serving the Indian team even at an age of 37+. Now, the selectors have kept their faith on another experienced man, Dinesh Karthik, who is not that young at 34. I personally have doubts about his fitness level and wicket-keeping skill at this age. Moreover, I can't recollect Karthik playing a long inning with a defensive posture and controlled aggression for a quite long time. Young Rishabh Pant with good wicket-keeping skills and explosive batting would be a better choice as the second wicket-keeper.

    KL Rahul is an explosive batsman but he is not at all consistent. I don't think his performance during the last year is really great. I would prefer Murali Vijay as the reserve opener.

    All said and done, the team has now been announced. Let us wish the Indian Cricket Team the very best.
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    BCCI has chosen best players to represent our Country in ICC world cup 2019 scheduled to be held in England from 30th May 2019. The team has good balance of Batsmen, bowlers and all rounders and has the capability to beat any team in the world cup. India made the history by winning the world cup in the year 1983 under the captainship of Sri. Kapildev. In the year 2011 our team had won the world cup under the Captainship of M S Dhoni.

    We are sure that our team under the Captainship of Virat Kohli will repeat the feat in the ICC world cup 2019. Best wishes to our team for their success.

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    A good analysis of the Indian team for world cup. As long as MS Dhoni is fit then the keeper slot is taken care of. There are some questions as to inclusion of MSD but his experience would be invaluable as a strategist, a great finisher and more importantly as a person to quietly guide Virat Kholi in difficult situations.

    With regards to Dinesh Karthik vs Rishab Pant, I would agree that Rishab would have been a better choice, Pant is a better hitter of the ball and would be handy low down in the innings apart from doubling up as the wicket keeper. I just hope that Dhoni's back injury is not a major one. Let's see how things unfold,wishing the best for the Indian team this world cup.

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    In my opinion, the reserve wicket keeper is not a good choice. He is not that much suited player for one day cricket. His track record also do not tell us he is a brilliant player when compared to some others on the basis of wicket keeping. The best choice in his place is Panth. Ambati Rayudu's exclusion is a correct thing as he cannot accelerate the score or he hold on to play s long innings. The inclusion of K.L. Rahul is also not that much appreciative thing. He failed to impress of his inclusion at International level. In my opinion Murali Vijay is good option in his place. Any how my best wishes to Indian team.

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    Whatever be the Indian team India will not win the World cup either England/Australia/SA/PAK will win the WC-2019.It is for sure.Please do not unnecessarily discuss the issue as India will go to semi finals because ICC needs to get some revenue this is not quoted by me and it is told by an Indian fan in an comment in Cricbuzz website.I will quote here and I will give link here too...

    Utsav Saxena cricbuzz
    Why Not? BCCI pays more than half the revenue to ICC alone. The Schedule is made so that India stays long in the World Cup. In 2007, India exited early and ICC had to make a heavy loss.

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    Bhushan, if you do not wish to "unnecessarily discuss the issue" and go for others' allegations on various sites, that is your prerogative. Just please refrain from giving directives to other members not to discuss it!

    Let's discuss various aspects of the team selection to maintain the tempo in this thread. First off, let's consider the main bone of contention - the reserve wicketkeeper. Why shouldn't Dinesh Karthik be on the team? He does have more experience than the only other person considered, namely Rishabh Pant, who, I feel, should not be catapulted in a World Cup team this early. Let him play more international games and hone his glove work. Young or old, one should not consider age as the deciding factor, though. Let the experience with the gloves play the upper hand.

    It is also funny that the selectors should make a U-turn and subsequently announce two of the players they did not initially consider for the team, namely Rishabh Pant and Rayadu, as "back-up" players. Did they cave in to pressure from the team's captain and/or management? Once a decision has been made, they should stand by it firmly. They should not play mind games with already selected players and undermine their confidence, which could affect their performance on the crunch day.

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    The selection of the Indian cricket team is done and the names are announced. Some of the new players have been assigned a bigger responsibility. Overall the team appears to be a balanced one and we hope that the team will perform brilliantly.
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    There are tendencies among some people to criticise every issue. BCCI has constituted a selection committee consisting of experts. The selection committee has analysed strength and weaknesses of every player before announcing the team. We should repose confidence in the team and support wholeheartedly.
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    Let us discuss point by point. First the bowling department of the Indian team. The pace attack consisting of Bhubaneshwar Kumar, Jaspreet Bumrah, Mohammad Shami, Hardik Pandya and Vijay Shankar would be very effective in English weather.

    The spin attack consisting of Jadeja, Chahal and Kedar Jadhav has the ability to support the pace attack. Jadeja can bowl his overs quickly without giving many runs. On the other hand, Chahal is an attacking leg-spinner.

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    Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami are the world class fast bowlers. Hardik Pandya and Vijaya Shankar are all rounders. The English pitch is known for swing bowling. Our bowlers have the capability of swing bowling and they can adept to the English conditions.

    The spin department managed by Yuzvendra Chahal, Ravindra Jadeja and Kedar Jadhav are world class players. They have the capabilities of taking control of the match in any situation.

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    As for as the Indian team for WC is concerned, it a balanced one capable enough to bring home the WC trophy. The likes of Shakher Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ms Dhon and Kholi himself will definitely be the backbone for the team. India has been playing good cricket for the past few years and there has been a considerable improvement in Indian cricket. Even in IPL, these players were great and their contribution can help Indian the team immensely.
    In the bowling Department, Bubnesherver Kumar will be a great asset for the team under English conditions and with Jadeja and Kedar Jadhav, the spin department also looks balanced

    The WC journey has started and we wish all the best to the team.

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    I see the team which has been announced for World cup 2019 is a balanced one. This team has been selected by keeping in mind to balance batting, bowling and on all-rounders. I fully support the inclusion of Kedhar, Vijay Shankar, Hardik Pandya as these capabilities are very much needed in English soil. Dhoni's experience will definitely help us to win some crucial matches. This world cup will also create a second chance for team India to win the World cup overseas.

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    So far as Indian batting is concerned, it is really good but too much Kohli-centric. Sikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma, the two regular openers, must have to play some consistently good innings and develop big partnerships at the very beginning. The lower middle-order consisting of Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Jadeja, Kedar Jadhav and Vijay Shankar must produce quick runs at the middle and end overs.

    They must give stress on the collective accumulation of big scores, rather than individual brilliance.

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    The team announced for world cup seems to be a balanced one but only thing is that the absence of Rishabh Pant is slightly disturbing as he was contributing nicely in cricket in the recent times. Anyway, the selection board might has taken all the pros and cons of this selection before announcing it.
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    In my opinion, it is a good combination and has the potential to win the world cup. Rishabh Pant is a good batsman as well as a good wicket keeper. But we have observed in IPL that he has thrown his wicket at a crucial time when DC almost ready to win the match. I think he needs more experience how to deal with the pressure at slog overs. Dinesh Kartik is a clear batsman and we have witnessed many times he has played important innings for the Indian cricket team. I think due to an experience he got a place in the world cup team.

    Let pray that all the player get their form in this IPL. Virat Kohli already got his form and make a century in IPL. It is a good sign for the Indian team. Hope that all the other players get their form and play an important role for the team.
    I hope India win the world cup and best of luck for the same.

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    As I have already stated, the presence of three-four useful allrounders in the team would help in the English playing condition (just like in 1983).

    So far as India's chance of being the champion of this tournament is concerned, I must say that India will definitely qualify the group stage (which will be played in league system) considering the current form. But semifinal or final is the knockout stage. Which team will win, depends upon a particular team's performance on a particular day. So, all supporters of all teams will have to keep their fingers crossed.

    Let's hope for the best. Let's wish the Indian Cricket Team all the best.

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    Let us wait and see who will win! Australia is a formidable side and with bowlers like Pat, Mitchell starc. They bat deep down. Australia vs India is the watch out for. With Smith on the Side. Australia has an edge winning the match and the World cup. As like Australia, England is also a formidable side playing their home soil. In my view, England/Australia/SA/PAK are the priorities to win one of them the WC-2019.
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    I know that according to some people, Australia, England, West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Ireland and some other associate member countries of ICC have fair chance to win the World Cup, but India doesn't have any chance.

    Partha, please don't go by the bookies. Otherwise, you also won't find any chance for India.

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    I think India has 50% chance to win because current team is well balance with bowling fielding and batting but still we are missing lot of start cricketer like Rishabh pant, Shryas ayyer , R. Ashvin etc But even I will say best players has been selected for World Cup.

    West Indies Russell also a dangerous player but Windies need to include all champion from IPL who is from West Indies then they also has a good chance..

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Exclusion of Rayudu and Pant is a shocker for many of the cricket fans in India. Pant played some good innings during India's recent tour to England and Rayudu considered as one of the best batsmen in recent times for India especially in the middle order. I think the team is selected to include more all-rounders so the team has a good balance among batting and bowling. Inclusion of Vijay Shankar is a surprise move as he is good in both batting and bowling. His experience is a problem but let's see how he overtakes it in England. He can also provide additional support as a seamer as England pitch are very friendly to seamers than spinners.

    Let's hope India will win the world cup in England!

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    Sundaram Ravi is the only umpire of India included in the list of 16 Umpires announced by ICC for the world cup cricket 2019.

    Ranjan Madugale, Richie Richardson, Chris Broad, David Boon, Andy Pycroft, Jeff Crowe are the match referees for the world cup cricket 2019.

    Other Umpires are Kumar Dharmasena, Ruchira Palliyaguruge, from Srilanka, Aleem Dar from Pakistan , Marais Erasmus from , South Africa, Chris Gaffaney from Newzealand, Ian Gould , Richard Illingworth, Richard Kettleborough, Michael Gough, Nigel Llong , all from England , Bruce Oxenford, Paul Wilson ,Paul Reiffel, Rod Tucker, all from Austalia, Joel Wilson from Trinidad.

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    I think this is very powerfulm squad for cwc19. But from my point of view rayudu as second wicket keeper batsman not dk, in the place jadeja i think there is an place for left arm fast bowler khaleel ahmed . Because in indian squad there is no left arm fast bowler so i think khaleel is best. And also in the place of kuldeep i think R. Ashwin is best. He was very experienced player. But This squad are good. And I hope this year India lift the worldcup.

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