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    The tyranny of the rich and the ignorance of the poor

    Everywhere in India, we seem to be seeing a huge army of educated unemployed and also the uneducated unemployed, who are used as use and throw pens or something to the same effect. The leaders seem to have perfected the art. You pay some amount, organize free food and water and the crowd can be transported in lorries like cattle. There were at least two accidents in Tamil Nadu, killing some poor people. Why are the poor so ignorant that can cheat themselves in this game of the rich?

    Can we, the common people, do something? Do Members have some constructive suggestions? For example, one method is to approach the NGOs already operating in so many areas and make them aware that they are literally taken for a ride. How is that the same person sings paeans of praise for different persons of different parties? Is this not ridiculous? How do we stop this nonsense? And as reported from Tamil Nadu and AP, how do we make people aware that taking money for votes is a very dangerous game that can do them no good?
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    Education is the only solution. Despite all the initiatives by the Government in providing free education to poor , the response has not been encouraging. The child labour is still prevalent in many parts in our Country. Parents of poor family are happy with the earnings from their children instead of sending them to school.

    As general public wherever we see such children we need to motivate their parents to send them to School or some skill development centre. If possible we could sponsor some children for education so that we could do our bit eradicate such social problems.

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    If we have been able to identify with this than how come that we are unable to identify with the reasons responsible for such situations?

    Being the case that we are educated is a different phenomenon when this is compared with the thing "awareness" & this is what we are lacking with the existing mentality. The good thing is that we have numbers of branded institutions in our country which control the degrees & certificates but on the other side have failed to equip with the practical knowledge to the disciples who when grown-up are unable to look beyond them & even on a bigger picture & therefore this is quite obvious when we evident of such practices & the time that we are prepared to look above ourselves than this obviously gets sorted out.

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    Lack of education, backwardness, unemployment, poverty etc are some of the factors which are responsible for this situation. The shrewd and clever politicians always take advantage of this by luring the voters to small things.
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    The politicians are not shrewd and clever but instead the voters are seems to have lost to their importance & slowly became habitual of not accepting to their roles for any bigger tasks. Only voters like us are responsible for such scenarios who are still not serious in casting their votes for the right candidates but instead finding it good to spare times somewhere else.

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    Rich always enjoys privileges but look at the poor people they are always ignored and living on the mercy of almighty. What if some rich or every one donates a small amount of money toward these poor people, poverty will be eliminated. It is the responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor people and donate a small amount of money towards these poor people.
    People do hefty wedding ceremonies and destroy food worth lakhs but are unable to feed one poor individual. They are conscious enough to spend a large amount of money but a small amount of help seems a herculean task to them. It is the responsibility of the rich to take along the poor and stop making fun on them.

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    Why approach the NGOs? Why can't we tell those people that they are exploited by the politicians in this way? If we can start this with our maidservants and their children things can improve a bit though slowly. Since poor people do not have money, politicians are exploiting them and using them to do certain tasks by giving them a paltry sum. They remain happy with that sum because in most of the days they do not earn that little amount. If their economic situation can be improved this will stop.

    Not only education, but we also need job creation. As long as there is no steady source of income they will do such things from where they can earn some amount at different times. When people do not have work every day, they have to manage the show with a paltry sum they get occasionally. This situation must change so that the jobless youth get regular jobs and the uneducated become educated to earn a livelihood. There is no other way to stop this practice of exploitation by influential people.


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    In a poor and populated country, it is very easy to raise a crowd at any occasion especially the political meetings etc. There are many people who can give you their whole day in exchange of a meal and two times tea. It is very common and there is nothing to surprise on this.

    A crowd of such poor and downtrodden people is like a herd of animals which a mighty person can guide from one place to other. It looks so humiliating and miserable but it is the fact of life and we are seeing it happening around us.

    If you can pull the crowd by any means, you are a successful leader and media will also align along you to showcase the crowd in the TV screen to earn some TRP in the process.

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    Money has lots of power and one can buy things with money. Similarly, the politicians do it during the elections they buy votes by luring people with money and gifts. This can be stopped only by providing awareness to the people. They should be made understood that by taking the money and campaigning for such people they are giving support to the corrupt leaders, which is not good. This is not only with the uneducated people even the celebrates whom we think to be our ideal also do that. It's strange that even educated people campaign for them just for money and make people pervert. Mostly the poor people fall in their trap just for a small amount of money they are offered, also the unemployed people who find this easy way to earn some money through it.

    Let people think of their own as everyone has the brain and at least they know who has done well for them.


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    The people who are all going for these election meetings are not really unemployed youth. Many of them are employed only and some of them are having their own businesses. But the people who are employed in private industries will take leave with pay and they will go for these meetings for an extra income. Many private industries will suffer from absenteeism during this election campaign days.
    The small business people who earn a day Rs.1000/- or so will ask their wives to attend their shops and they go for these meetings for extra income. They will go to all parties meetings and earn money. So this is also employment for them for getting money. I understand how difficult for us to get people to do small works in the houses. If really they want money many might have attended these works.
    The leaders will spend money and organise them. This time elections many people refused to travel by lorries and buses were organised by some leaders. I think we need not worry about them. We should have worry for the people who don't understand the value of the vote and take money and vote as they like. I think there should be a change in the eligibility criteria for having a voting power.

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