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    Children living abroad remember their parents only during delivery time of their child

    These days children go abroad for pursuing higher studies and later opt for job and settle in foreign country. I have come across a family whose only son got employment in United States and later got married and settled there. Initially he used to make calls once in a Month and later that also stopped. Parents were so unhappy with their son and depressed as they had no other support.

    May be after five years they received a call from their son asking them to come to US. Parents were so happy that their only finally remembered them. Parents proceeded to US and stayed with their son for about three months and returned back to India.

    The tale told by the parents after their return to India was horrifying. Parents were given the job of taking care of the baby and the daughter in law. They were treated as servants in the house like a movie story.

    Parents after their return to India lost contact again with their son and they are leading a difficult life. How could a son do this to their parents?
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    This is very bad quality of the people. The sons starting worried about their wives and children and forget completely about their parents. Maybe the age factor. The male candidates when they stay together with a new lady called wife, they will get attracted more towards them and forget the parents. Another factor is money. Both wife and husband want to work and earn money. In such a case somebody should take care of these children. Like in our country, in the foreign countries servant maids are not available. Even they pay a huge amount they will not get a reliable person. That is why they remember parents. I have seen families where the father will go for six months and then the mother will go for another six months. Like this, they are staying apart also for the sake of their children. It is very unfortunate and even educated people are also not able to understand the importance of the parents. I have seen many old parents who are pulling their lives very hard in the villages and their children enjoying their lives with wives and children very happy and don't even make a call talk to the parents at least once in 10 days.
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    This is quite distressing. The son called his parents to another country only to take care of his child and wife and was treated so badly. This may be due to the upbringings of the child, though there may be other reasons, where the child was somehow convinced that his job is only to earn money when becoming an adult. There are parents who do everything to make their child well educated but forget to impart basic human values in the child. Along with education, the child must be nurtured in a way that helps to develop good qualities. I have seen parents telling their child not to interfere with anything other than studies. If the child insists to visit the ailing person or relative in the neighbourhood she/he is rebuked and told to concentrate on studies as if that is the only thing necessary to become a human being.

    Life is not about staying in the middle of a bunch of study books, rather one must show the willingness to learn as well as experience different things through experience. Nowadays, I have seen many children are leading a boring life. Life has become a one-sided affair to them. They do not realize that there are other aspects of life too. Parents have an important role to play here along with the teachers and it's a combined effort of both that makes a good human being.


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    This is really bad. How can one treat his or her parents a servant. Its very sad that the parents got fooled by their only son. Its good that they returned and they should never trust their son as it may happen that they may get bluffed by their son. In India too we see lots of old people who have no where to go except the old age homes. I remember one of my relative was left to live in Old age home in spite of having two daughters and a son by her son only for around a month and then was taken by him but that one month was very upsetting for her as she realised that she has no one in the world even her kids are not. There are lots of such cases.

    Its better to have no kids than to have kids mentioned by the author. However life will be difficult for the parents but they will be happy that they may not be fooled again by their son.


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    Engaging a servant in US is difficult and expensive. Therefore the so called sons in abroad prefer their parents over servants. Some parents might not discuss this openly but they all know that they are remembered by their children only such occasions.
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