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    Who should be our heroes, cricketers, Actors, Scientists, Teachers, Freedom fighters?

    Majority of our younger generation consider cricketers , Film stars as their role models. In most of the houses we can see posters or photographs cricketers , film stars are decorated. We rarely find the photographs of the freedom fighters , scientists being displayed in houses. Are the contributions of cricketers or film stars are better than freedom fighters or scientists?.

    The younger generation remember the names of cricketers and film stars but very rarely they remember the names of freedom fighters and our scientists, Nobel Laureates.

    The younger generation would have forgotten our scientists , Vikram Sarabhai, Salim Ali, Har Gobind Khorana, Birbl Sahni, APJ Abdul Kalam ,Homi J Bhaba, Visweswaraya, Venkataraman Radhakrishnan, S Chandrashekar, Satyendra Nath Bose, Meghnad Saha, Srinivasan Ramanujan, Jagadish Chandra Bose and Nobel Laureates Rabindranath Tagore, C.V. Raman, Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen, Kailash Satyarthi
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    None, but our good parents should be our Heroes who introduced us to this world. Also, you should be your own hero to follow your own consciousness and perform. Don't copy and follow others. It won't work.
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    People follow others as per their taste and choice and consider them as their role model. A student having interest in cricket will naturally adore the great cricketers. On the other hand a person having interest in politics will choose otherwise. So, it depends on a person which one he assumes his hero or role model.
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    Alternatively, only our Teachers (Guru) can be our Heroes. We cannot speak to an actor or cricketer or freedom fighter or politician, but we can always speak freely and frankly to our Teachers. Else, we can keep them in our mind and perform. This best example is Drona and Ekailavan's for their Guru and Disciple relationship. A real Guru Drona and a real Hero Ekailavan.
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    It varies from person to person. It depends on who is influencing the way of your life in different ways. There are many who follows the style of a particular actor and imitates the way of his talking and posture. In that case, it is found that the person has a picture of that actor in his room. It may also be true in case of cricketers where you will find the picture of that cricketer in his room. It is not always necessary that one has to be influenced by any celebrity to keep her/his picture in the room. People can decorate their rooms with pictures of a celebrity whom they like.

    The contribution of the person, whose picture somebody keeps in the room, doesn't matter here, it is more dependent on the likings of the individual. Somebody may decorate her/his room with the picture of a personality whose ideology she/he follows in every sphere of life. It depends on the upbringings of the children whom they ideologize. It is not necessary that one has to decorate the room with the picture of someone whom she/he ideologize rather this particular character of decorating the room with pictures is visible among teenagers that die down when they grow up. During adolescence, it is very natural to be influenced by film personalities because of the fascination attached to the portrayal of characteristics of the personalities on the screen. When they begin to realize that it is quite different from real life then they do not remain that much influenced.

    The younger generation does not remember the names of the freedom fighters or scientists because they are not taught about their contribution in a proper way. Things should be taught not just for the sake of teaching, rather to make someone realize the importance of it. If somebody doesn't know the importance of a specific thing naturally it will be forgotten after a little while.


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    We are most often moved on with the attractions of this world & lesser in that wouldn't make to our list. We wouldn't have achieved much in context to the memories of some famous happenings but the documentaries & movies have made those possible. Although we all have heard of the war movies but in real terms we are all the way unaware of the real super heroes who won those wars but they are remembered through with the movies remakes & through with the movie actors. This is because the real life of anyone is without attraction but if the same when being presented with some graphics & digital sounds then the story would be different.

    No fault's on anyone's behalf but we chose to go by this way.

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    In youngster's rooms we will find only posters of Cricketers and Film stars. Are these people deserved to be the role models for them?
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    In our country, young people are more inclined to watching movies and watching cricket. At that age maximum of their time is being spent either in school or tuition and with books only. They rarely find time to think about Science and freedom fighters such things. To watch a movie or a cricket game they need to get mentally prepared. They can just walk in and walk out. So whatever little time they get they will spend in these lighter activities. When they start watching these automatically a liking will be developed by them towards the people whom they like from those fields. So they will have more of those calendars and other display items.
    They will not have time to think about freedom and how it came, who are the scientists working on the subject all that will not get to their minds.

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    Why not make our brave soldiers as our heroes instead of Film Actors and Cricketers?
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