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    When the life of ours are compared with the life in a bogie of a train.

    The time we are born till the time we leave this world we are surrounded with varied circumstances being faced by the diverse situations. As we are becoming grown-up we continue to look out for something better with the adjustments being taking place round the clock & as we acknowledge the fact that we are nearby to our end than we try to settle with the things before we are finally done with this life.

    It would be interesting when this whole can be compared with the situations that may come to us while boarding & de-boarding a train.

    Normally in every train there are different kinds of bogies i.e., AC, Sleeper and Generals but we are only liable to aboard the coaches that our ticket allows & after that we look out for our reservation seats. We keep our luggage in the allocated spaces & then go to rest but then other co-passengers also join you & you began to feel some sort of uneasiness & irritation that your earlier spaces got restricted. You may also have evident of fights & abuses which gets settled when train finally moves on and when the station is about to arrive than we collect our luggage & get down. In between many things have taken place of which either we take a note of or passed by unnoticed to us.

    Likewise in the real life too we are awarded with different comfort zones depending upon our penance & actions of the past & then we become the essential part of a competition & we go for almost everything in order to go ahead to the next level and this being the major portion of our lives & then the time comes when we want to get relieved from the worldly affairs because of the fact that we have reached to a certain age limit & with some other issues. Its good to note that the timing for boarding & de-boarding would be different wherein few get down early & few get down a bit late & this happens naturally to us.
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    In simple, we can say that life is a journey from the starting point birth to a destination death. The vehicle we use may be different. It could be a bus or train or airplane or ship. Even it could be a quick journey by an auto or taxi that can be compared with richness, middle class, upper/lower middle class, poor, and extremely poor and sick.
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    A good comparison. In life, we experience many things. We remember some and forget many. It is impossible to remember everything and with time things do fade. Throughout life, different people influence us in different ways. We quarrel with others too, but if we keep these painful memories it becomes hard to experience the smooth journey. Everything stays for some moments and nothing is everlasting. Neither pain nor joy lasts forever. Likewise, we board any vehicle for a specific moment and when we reach the destination we get down from the vehicle.

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    True. our life is a journey. It may be a journey by bus or train. During different phases of our lives, we will be coming across many people. After some period of time, we will leave them and another set of people will come into our contact. This like our co-passenger getting down from the vehicle and new person may get in We never know what happened to that person. We will get down when our place comes.
    Another point is the way in which way we are leading our lives. This can be compared to the class in which we are travelling. It may be an AC sleeper bus, a normal sleeper bus, Volvo push back seats or ordinary seats. All depends on how much money you have and how many comforts you can afford with the money you have. Another accept is the heath of the person. Even though you have a lot of money but if you don't have good health you can't have a happy time even though you have all the comforts.

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    Life can be compared to a train journey. The train passes through many stations and we meet different people during the journey. In each station many people ingress and egress in each station. We become friends with some people and they depart when their station arrives. Similarly we also get down from the train when our station arrives.
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