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    Has ISC helped you to improve your writing skills?

    Good writing skills help us in communicating and presenting our ideas and thoughts in a structured manner. ISC has different sections wherein members are allowed to contribute contents to different subjects. The contributions help the members to improve their writing skills and abilities.

    Share your experience on how ISC has helped you in improving your writing skills.
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    ISC is a very interesting site in the sense that even the expert writers learn here many things and acquire the new dimensions in creative writing. As far the new writers are concerned this is definitely a right place to work. It is only when we work that we learn.

    I have seen a lot of improvement in my English especially the syntax, spelling and structure and one of the main reasons for that is my participation in various contests. These contests are the unique thing in ISC which you might not find everywhere.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Obviously "Yes".

    I know that I have improved a lot but still I have a long way to go when compared with other experienced members but for sure I feel the difference when compared with the earlier times. Thanks to ISC & thanks to this platform.

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    Undoubtedly ISC is helping me to improve my writing skills. Learning is a continuous process and I think it never ends as long as someone wishes to learn. There are many sections in ISC and the more you go through different sections, the more you learn. To improve writing, one has to read different things and write and ISC is the perfect place for that. There are different competitions organised at different times where everybody can participate and hone their skills.

    I would say every section is unique. In the Forum section, a member posts threads on different issues, including issues related to current affairs and others post their replies on the threads. This helps to express your views and ideas on a particular topic and more importantly you learn to respect others views also. Since this is a moderated site, a deviation from the posting guidelines will result in deleting of the post. So, you develop a sense about what kind of language or words you use publicly and what cannot be used. In the Articles section, you can write in details about a topic and the more interesting it is the more viewership your article fetches. Here you can try different topics and develop your own style. In the Ask Experts section, you can answer others' queries in a precise way which not only solves the problem of the answer seeker, it helps to increase your knowledge on the issue too. There are a lot more in this site that can help an individual in different ways.


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    I don't know how I developed my writing skill to a great extent. I knew English but not very good at English. After joining this site, I could write good articles, post good messages, respond to threads, participate in story writing contests, display my creative ability, conduct contests, etc.

    All these were possible only due to ISC's admin and its members who gave me liberty and freedom to express my thoughts, views and opinion, and to write freely without any fear or favour.

    No doubt, ISC is great. I use only very very simple English, to be good at English writing as well as speaking. Yet, I need to improve a lot.

    Katrathu Kai Mann Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagu Alavu (What I learned is only a fist-size, what I need to learn is of world size)

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    Yes, it surely helped me. I am not a good writer as don't write except here on this site. I remember when I joined this site I used to think a lot what to write and didn't get words to write but that's not these days as this site has helped me a lot to present what I think.

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    Yes. ISC is a very good platform for all of us to advance our knowledge in various areas in which the English language is also one. Definitely, our writing skills will improve. We read articles written by various authors who are very good in their narration and usage of words etc. Then we will read threads and other discussions on the subject. Then we will read many question and answers in the AE section. This will give additional inputs to our knowledge and we will get updated our knowledge.
    This way we have a lot of scope for developing our writing skills and improving our knowledge by participating in this site. I feel I am able to get some good tips and there is an improvement. But still, there is a long way to go and I should improve a lot and develop a lot my subject.

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    Obviously yes, ISC helped me to improve my skill writing. You can compare it in my first article and last article. I was very poor in English but due to ISC my English improves and I came to know how to write an article. I also got the knowledge of grammar and able to write almost 118 articles here. It is not an easy task for me.

    I always take part in competition to improve my writting skill. Not only writting skill, ISc also helped me to improve my knowledge, my thinking skill, personality development, impvore confidence, etc.

    Thanks ISC to provide this great plateform to express my views.

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