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    Where is Panchavadi of Ramayana in India?

    Dear Members,
    In Ramayana, Panchavadi is the place where Rama, Sita and Lakshman stayed during their exile. Sita was abducted by Ravana while Sita was left alone by Rama who went in search of a golden deer, followed by Lakshman.

    This had happened when Soorpanaga, sister of Ravana complained Ravana that Rama, Sita and Lakshman were staying illegally at Panchavadi which was the land gifted to Soorpanaga by her brother Ravana, and her nose was cut by Lakshmana when she questioned them about their illegal occupation of Panchavadi.

    The truth is that Soorpanaga wanted to love Lakshmana who was already married to Urmila.

    Now, the question is - Where is Panchavadi? Is it in the North India or South India? If in North India, it implies that a part of North India was under Ravana's rule.

    What is the fact? Throw some light on this Panchavadi and Ravana..
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    It is in Nashik , situated on the banks of
    river Godavari in Maharashtra.

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    This should be corrected to as "Punchvati" instead of "Panchavadi " is based on the bank of river Godavari in Nasik.

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    It's in Nashik. My job is in Nashik for next few months. So I think I'll visit Panchvati once. There are many other Ramayana related sites in Nashik. Nashik itself got its name after Soorpanaka's nose which fell there after being cut. There are far more spiritual sites in this little mountainous city than anywhere I have seen until now.
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    Panchvati is situated in Nasik. There are many stories related to the place. It's said that Ravana kidnapped Sita here in this place. There is a place called Sita Gufa. It's said that Sita used to worship Lord Shiva at this place. From this cave only she was kidnapped.

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    From this, we can understand that King Ravana's empire extended from Srilanka, the entire south India(Dravidian state) and many parts of central India.
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    Panchayati is believed to be near Nasik. I have visited that place and they show the place as the place where Rama stayed with Sita and Lakshmana during their vanavasa.
    In Khammam District of Telangana, there is a place called Bhadrachalam. In this place, there is a very big and famous Rama temple. Near this temple, there is a place called Panchavati. People in this area believe that Rama stayed in that place when he was in Vanavasa. There is a hut and there are markings near that place to show that where Sita used to sit and where she used to dry the clothes after cleaning them and Godavari will be passing by the side of that place. I visited this place also.
    But many people believe that the Panchavati is near Nasik only which is the birthplace of the river Godavari.

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    Again, I insist and say that the whole Dravidian States (TN, AP, KA, KL,)and also Maharashtra was once ruled by the great King Ravaneswaran. Why his name is suffixed with Easwaran is - He is equivalent to God. This is the reason why south Indians love Ravana and hate to see his effigy being burned by the people from the North of India.
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