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    Do not keep things pending

    I hope at times many of you face this situation. You thought of reading an article in the newspaper and kept it separate. Later, after a few days, you completely forgot about it. It is not only with articles, but it can also happen with other things too. Suppose, at a particular time you thought of calling someone and at the same time thought that after finishing the task at your hand you will make the call. Later, you couldn't make the call because of some reasons and told the person about your thought of calling only after meeting her/him in an event. Even I have experienced the same thing in ISC. I thought of replying to some interesting threads and kept it pending. I thought since it's a hot topic I have to read and research about it carefully before replying. Later, I absolutely forgot about it and when it came to my mind the thread already became very old to respond. This happens when we keep things pending. Therefore, just do it now and do not keep it pending for some other time. You may remember things after a while but by that time you will find that many such things have already piled up and you have to work on each of them to clear the backlog.
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    It is always better to do things in an orderly manner. Take up one task at a time and complete instead of handling too many tasks at a time and not competing anyone. We need to prioritize our assignments and give importance to time Management. There are instances we postpone the work for tomorrow. In the process our work gets accumulated. Therefore we should adopt the policy do it today.

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    We all are driven with some sort of priorities in our life that lesser priority matters comes last & what is important will always be considered on first priority list. This would be obvious & at the same time quite natural in all of us & therefore there might be the possibilities that few of the actions may left pending or not done depending upon the terms & conditions as defined by us.

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    Planning and deciding priorities are the secrets in completing our work in time. Some people never do that. They never plan and they work without any proper understanding of the subject. Initially, they will be very complacent and lazy and at the last moment, they make things hurriedly. This will give more problems.
    Multitasking is another accept. If you observe the kitchen in your house the lady will be doing two-three works at a time. She will plan in such a way that she can concentrate on the works where ever required and completes the works in time. While rice is getting cooked she will make curry. She will organise the works in a nice way.
    We should also plan the works, give priority to the works and work on multiple works at any given time. In his competitive world if we are not doing the things on time we will lose the competition.

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    Things that we keep pending for some time remain pending forever! Such things do happen and it becomes difficult to return to the pending things. So, it is better to do things immediately without keeping them pending for long.

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    This is very normal thing in everyone's life. As this is habit of us all that we try to finish the work in hand and then take on the new work. It also may happen that we are not in full mood to take on the work. We may have been thinking of doing that task but we may not be willing fully to do it. It happens with me too as these days I just read the threads and the responses but don't respond as I don't wish to do them. It's not that I don't want to but it's because I feel lazy to type my responses.

    To overcome this habit one has to decide the priority and then finish the tasks so that important tasks may not be left out. It's not easy to do it but one should always try to do it to keep our life easy as if we keep everything pending then we won't be able to do anything.


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    Priority of taking any assignment first would depend upon the mood and the passin of a particular person. Say an executive of a steel plant is to proceed to his residence and his planning was to join a friend coming from Kolkata for the formal talk and all of a sudden, a breakdown occured at around 6 pm, the usual time of his departure from the plant.
    Now see how his priority has now shifted as a result of this breakdown. The gentle man as quoted in this incidence met his friend at around 11: 30 PM after the normalisation of the shift - activity. He put his friend in inconvenience because of occurance of such a mishap.
    To cut short, priorities are always changeable with the situation and attitudes of the persons involved.
    Hence it is always better to accomplish the jobs in hands one by one so that it is never too late to finish the jobs.

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    Many of us work as per our priorities and in that process, the less important tasks are delayed or become pending. It is difficult to complete everything in time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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