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    Is our educational system or parents pressure taking away of the lives of students?

    In Telangana state after the release of Intermediate results, four students end their lives due to failure in their exams. Who is responsible for this? -our educational system or parents who pressurize the students to get more than their neighbor's wards or corporate colleges who want the best ranks from their student's or corporate private colleges pressurize their teachers to show 100% results for their institution? Actually, the marks what they got in Intermediate may not decide their future is the call of psychology counselors. Members analyze the problem and give your valuable suggestions to the students.
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    In most of the cases parents are responsible for creating pressure on their wards. Parents keep high expectation from their children. This results in more pressure on their children. Without understanding children's interests parent decide on their career. Parents also at fault in comparing their child with another. We need to understand that each child has different abilities and intelligence. We need to nurture child's interest instead of burdening our concerns.
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    Yes the scores of intermediate don't decide the future of a person. Today when there is lots of competition every parent wants their kid to score good marks in any exam. It's said that due the pressure of their parents and teachers the kids committed suicide. It's all about how we teach our kids to handle the pressure. Not every kid gets 100% marks we as a parent should understand it. May be our kid is not good in academics and he or she may be good in any thing else. We should explore and try to enhance that skill of our kid. I have read in a survey that average students get more success in life than the bright students.

    Its high time we parents should understand it and should make our kids understand that it hardly matters if they don't get good scores in intermediate as they have many other things in future where they may perform well and can have a good future.


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    The pressure on the student from all sides is becoming intolerable and that is making these young boys/girls to take such decisions. The parents want for their children all state firsts and distinction only. The colleges want 100% result so that the demand for their college will become very high and they will get more money and more profits. The teachers want to achieve 100% results. So all these people are putting their concentration on the poor students only. The students are getting desperate and committing these unwanted acts and ending their lives. Very unfortunate.
    The main responsibility will go to the parents only. All children can't be having similar intelligence and knowledge. So they should understand their limitations and they should encourage their children and see that they will perform well. Instead of that if they go on comparing with neighbour's wards and criticise them the end result will be like this only.

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    Our educational system and parents both are responsible for putting unnecessary pressure on students to score more marks which students are unable to bear sometimes and they take extream steps and end their lives. Such cases have become common in the country. In our educational system the, marks system should be banned which gives the impression of some royal position to a student who scores high marks than the other and students get stressed. This system should be replaced by the grading system in the country. Second, in the race of getting high marks students sometimes fail to get the expected marks which create an imbalance in students and expectation from parents to get more marks completely shakes them when there is a slight decrease in marks sheet.
    Students should never be pressurised, they should be encouraged to do good without putting too much pressure on them.

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    Somehow the students got the idea from somewhere that scoring good marks in all the examinations will enable them to have a bright prospect and if they cannot score well their life will be in jeopardy. There are many parents who think in this way which ultimately is harming the students. In an examination, is it possible for everybody to come first? But every parent wants their kids to come first. This is unrealistic and they must understand that there are other things in life. Every individual is unique and has varied interests.

    Another problem is education has also become a business in this country. Earlier, teaching was considered a noble profession but now in many cases, it has become a lucrative business. Coaching centres and tutorials are mushrooming everywhere and most of them are promising a bright future for the kids. A kid will excel in the field in which she/he has an interest. Unfortunately, many things are forced upon them and the result becomes disastrous as witnessed through the incidents mentioned in the thread. Parents have a very important role here and the teachers also have a great responsibility to make the students realize what actually life is all about.


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    There is tremendous pressure on the students not only from the parents side but other various concerns like competition, inability to work hard, apprehension for career, tough job situation, enhanced academic syllabus etc.

    So in this difficult environment the student can sometimes go in the depression and despair and take some unusual steps like ending the life itself.

    Our educational policy requires changes to address these problems and those students who have not interest in academics should be diverted to skill lines like electrician, plumber, home decorators, maintenance mechanics etc. It is disastrous to force them for higher education. If they somehow qualify the higher studies after that they will not be of any use as they will not do the small jobs and at the same time they will not get the big jobs.

    So this is a situation which requires corrections at early age rather after completing MBA or PhD.

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    In most of the cases the education is linked to the career making and student will have to be under the pressure as all the facilities and respect in this world is only when you have a career and earning.

    So the pressure is from all around including parents, teachers, fellow students etc.

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